Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Death

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t rest on the past, it never lasts and will crumble beneath your feet. What you’ve been searching for is in front of you. Focus on moving the energy around you forward toward the change you need and desire. Keep your eyes on the future and work on the plans you have put into place. Nothing lasts for ever and you must keep moving forward to change the shadowy storm clouds of the day.

Additional Insight:

Remember that out of Chaos comes Creation and that’s what will be happening today. The more you try to hold onto the past, the harder the change toward the future will be.  Stop looking at the old ways of doing things or the old obstacles that have been in your way. All you’ll do is feed them energy to keep recurring and keep you anchored in the trauma of yesterday.

Stop telling their story. Stop feeding them energy by sharing their message of struggle. Stop giving them the attention they want, because they desire to hold you back in their world. Stop talking about the people who did you wrong, held you back or broke your dreams. Do you want them in your future? Do you really want to give them that much power and control over you today? Each time you mention their name, tell their story or even think of the wrongs they did to you; that’s exactly what you’re doing.

The Death card has always held a message of transition. How that change happens is entirely up to you. Let go and Let God is not simply a euphemism to give you faith that things will change and get better. It’s also a warning that holding onto those things that do not serve you well will only bring you down further into more of the same struggles. 

Start telling a new story. Tell the story of your plans, your successes, where you’re going and what you’ll do when you get there. Post the picture of the new car you dream of, realistic or not. Talk about the vacation you WILL be taking later this year or next summer. Share your vision for the new business and how you see it a year from now. Design your storefront, or the sign you will see on the side of your work truck. Start putting the energy toward these things and move forward. 

Death reminds us that all things come to an end and change into something else. Your perspective is what creates how you will move forward.  If you allow yourself to trust in the process of change and the creation from chaos, you can see the beauty in the “big bang”. You’ll be able to see  how quickly some sections of your creation move and develop. You’ll have the opportunity to see how others take their time and build up their energy to create the most beautiful vistas.

You’ll figure out the solutions. One at a time. Start with the little things and work your way through the pile. With each resolution you’ll create the self-confidence and the positive energy you need to over come the big things. You’ll create the momentum to keep moving forward to the point where nothing can stop you! And you’ll create a great deal of pride in self, because you succeeded.

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