Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Tower

The Tower

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Be the calm that rises out of the chaos. Others are allowing their fear to put them into panic mode. They’re not thinking clearly and not looking at the long term effects of the situation. You can be the glue that holds things together by using your fear to feed your strength and not your emotions. Even in darkness there is light and growth. Don’t let the anger, fear and trepidation rule your path.

Additional Insight:

Fear is not an “uncontrollable characteristic”. You can manage it and direct it to help provide strength in times of chaos. It can carry you through great trials and tragic events like no other feeling can. But it can also get in the way if you allow it to feed your emotions instead.

The Brave are not the people without fear, for fear can keep you safe in times of struggle. The Brave and the Heroes are the ones who manage their fear and face the danger for the sake of others, KNOWING the danger is real. Using fear to feed your strength allows you to see beyond the norm. It can expand your view and see what others don’t see. It can help you think through the problems and devise creative solutions to overcome the problems at hand.

You have already over come so much chaos and tragedy. You have struggled and endured. You have survived and you’re still fighting the good fight. You are not the loser or victim that others want to make you out to be. Don’t allow them to paint your shield of fear with the sign of a victim. That shield can be a weapon that out smarts their battle plans! Today is the day you stand up and take the battle head on. You may not win the war ..yet.. but you will win the day!

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