Motto For 2013

Starting A New Day For 2013

Starting A New Day For 2013
With A Howl!

Keeping It Real

Every year people around the world make resolutions on New Years that they never keep. They range from stop smoking or losing weight to taking the adventure of a life time. Many decades ago I stopped making resolutions and decided instead to create a motto that would carry me through the year no matter what happens.

Today thanks to my friend Angela from ShapeShifters of Virginia, I have my new motto for 2013:
“I attract more money than I know what to do with. And So It Is!”

Being a techno-geek I make a digital graphic and put the yearly motto onto the picture. Then I set that picture as the start-up image for my pc. Each time I start-up my machine in the morning, I see the motto and read it to myself. Sometimes out loud. I have my own webpage on my browser and I place the motto at the top of that page as well. Every now and then I see it when I’m browsing back and forth and keep it in my thoughts when I need it most.

Last years motto was:
I am happy and successful with abundance all around me!

Remember words have meaning and energy. What you think and say, how you act and react creates energy around you and that you attract to you each day. Start your day with a positive thought and give it energy to manifest.

© Springwolfs Hanko

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