The Spring’s Haven Divination House Journal #2

The Dream Continues

Planning The Divination House

The Inspiration For Our House

So today I started thinking about the practical approach to the house, traveling for Renfaires and other similar gatherings around the country. Or at the very least the east coast.

Now I know about a number of faires here on our side of the U.S. But what I was thinking about were the practical aspects of the house.

What if we need a place to stay. Do we pull the tree house behind an RV or our truck? If we use the truck do we rent a hotel room? Or do we expand the tree house to accommodate some modern facilities, such as a kitchen and bath.

Well the first question in answer that is, how long can a trailer be and how hard is it to find a utility trailer dealer? Ok, that’s no so hard. We already have a Holmes trailer that we purchased many years ago for our bikes (the motorcycle kind). A quick search of their site gives us a ton of leads to local dealers and of course the place where we acquired the bike trailer is listed. And if those don’t work out, our friends at Tumbleweed Tiny Houses have a list of Trailer Dealers by region! The next question is how would we design the house if we made it longer?

Fencl Kitchen

Fencl Kitchen

We have up to 18 or 20ft to work with. The first step to that is to visualize the interior and then tackle the issues of making it happen on the outside. Back to Tumbleweed; I wonder if we’ll be able to let ay Shafer know how inspirational his designs have been to our dream. We’ll find a way to let him know some how.

He has plans for a house I really like called the Fencl. The design of this house is perfect for our extended tree house. We’d have to give up the loft area in order to include the tree(s) holding up the house, but I think we can do that and still have room for what we want.

We don’t have to make the kitchen as long and that can help with space for other things, like a closet or pantry. But it’s a pretty nice little kitchen. The bath room is to the left of this picture and holds a toilet and stand up shower. Perfect, what else do you need?

So if we extend the trailer to 20ft, we can add a kitchen and bathroom onto the back of the tree house.  The plans for the Fencl could be easily altered to move the walls of the rooms. Even if we made the house 15ft long, we’d still have 5 ft for the stairs. And remember, we’re looking at a circular staircase now. That will help maximize that 5ft as well.

Fencl Floorplans

Fencl Floorplans

There’s a few additional questions to check on and make sure we understand.

  1. What’s the trailer length limit allowed by DOT before a Commercial Drivers License is required?
  2. What’s the weight limit my truck can pull? (Ok, so we may need to get a bigger truck, but we need to know that before we start hauling this thing around).
  3. We need to check on the length and weight to determine the mechanical engineering requirements of a single or double axle for the trailer.
  4. I’m sure there will be more questions to check to out. But we have a few so far to keep us going.  

For now..we’re still dreaming!

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