Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Seven of Swords

7 of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Even though you may feel restricted or stuck in the muck, you can still nurture your dreams and ambitions. Remember everything happens for a reason in its right time and pace. Don’t push things too quickly or you could struggle longer than is necessary. Allow things to fall into place as they may this week. Continue planning and working behind the scenes to prepare for breaking the ties of the past or present. But don’t break anything yet!

Additional Insight:

This is the last week of the 3 week struggle. Seven more days to be cautious, don’t burn your bridges too soon, and hold on for the rest of the world to catch up to you. Don’t let your frustrations with those around you, or the situations at hand to push you into doing something you might regret next week. Patience, strength and trust that the Divine is on your side will get you through these next seven days. Hang in there!!! You’re going to be ok!

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