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Teaching Your Children

Teachable Moments

Teachable Moments

Starting Out On A Spiritual Path

In today’s world of spiritual variety, people of all faiths are looking to share their beliefs and practices with their children. Even if their beliefs are Pagan Metaphysics.

As with any practice, there are levels of participation based on age. Children often go through a period of learning the basics before they participate in the central practices of the Church or Temple or Circle. This is true with children in the pagan metaphysical realm as well.

In most traditions, children are not permitted to practice magik until they reach puberty. That means being present during a circle, but not participating in the ritual of the circle. It’s not because of an age thing, it’s an energy thing.

Until all the chakras are fully functional and ready to begin work, they can be adversely affected by rituals that deal with energy manipulation (magik).  Think about what the physical body is going through during not only their early years of physical development, but the emotional development as well. Especially during puberty, kids are going through a wide array of changes. Both boys and girls fight and deal with hormones, physical changes and emotional pressures each and every day. Adding magik and energy rituals on top of that can be over whelming. Even parents who think their children are wise beyond their years have to face the reality that they are still children who are growing physically. Don’t push them! Allow them to be kids and grow up gradually as nature intended. Continue reading