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Reflections On Today’s Numbers

20141028-p1177The Numerology of 1177

If you’ve been around here for a little while, you know that from time to time numbers catch my attention. When they do, I like to analyze their significations in relation to what’s going on with the day and where they popped up.

When those numbers are connected to my work, I like to share that insight with you. Because it might have some significance to your day.

That happened today when I posted a little News item about appearing on KAOI’s show Talk Story with Cindy Paulos. The longest running talk show on Maui, where Cindy interviews celebrities, political leaders and spiritual teachers.

I posted the news and received the notification this was 1177th post on this blog and it grabbed my attention. Trust your instincts. When something grabs your attention, whether it’s out of the ordinary or something that happens nearly every day, it’s trying to share a message with you. Continue reading