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What Is Paganism?

A Basic Description of Paganism & Pagan Metaphysics

PaganismWhat is Paganism? What does Pagan mean? How is Pagan Metaphysics different from Witchcraft? With the growing popularity in Paganism, many people who have never heard the word before, or people who don’t know what it is are looking for some basic understanding and knowledge about the beliefs and practices. Many wonder if it’s a religion or something else. Is it evil or bad? What’s real and what’s made up in Hollywood?

Of course anyone could write an entire book on these subjects. Well, actually I have with Pagan Metaphysics 101, the first book in a series to explain these questions in more detail. But for those who are looking for a short general version for their own understanding, I offer the following brief explanation.

The Word ‘Pagan’
Many beginners confuse the translation of the word pagan with its meaning. Pagan translates to “country dweller”, but that’s not the definition of the word. It’s just the translation. In the old days a country dweller was someone who lived off the land and depended on nature to survive. They were typically practitioners of some form of nature or earth based religion.
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What Is A Spiritual Expert? – Part I

Walking The Path of A Minister, Healer, Teacher & Spiritual Leader

Lately I have been spending time reading and learning from other spiritual teachers around the internet. In general this has been a very interesting experience as I believe we never stop learning and we can discover much about ourselves and our world by opening our views and exploring other ideas and knowledge. But I also noticed that many ‘ministers’ feel the need to categorize people in to the do’ers vs. those who refuse to see.

I don’t understand the need to pass judgment over a group of people simply because they don’t fit into ‘our’ paradigm of what a spiritual person is or should be. Everyone is in the right place and time for their path. If you believe that, then how can you justify passing judgment on others? Perhaps the judgment needed is of your own thoughts, actions and reactions.

Now that perspective is itself a judgment. I’m not saying that making judgments of others is a bad thing. We do that everyday from judging the weather and deciding what cloths to wear, to judging a situation and determining how to proceed.

The judgment I’m talking about are those made that condemn others for their choices by individuals who claim to be spiritual leaders of their chosen belief system. A minister of any faith, be it a Pagan Priestess, a Metaphysical Minister or, in my view, anything in between or outside those paths, inspires and empowers.

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