Ænigma PodCast: Haunted Ships

October 2019 – Week 2 The Ænigma Project:
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The Ænigma Project PodCast, where we discuss the paranormal, close encounters with the unusual and interactions with the supernatural. We’ll play Truth or Tale and share a little paranormal news now and then too.

Join Paul Cagle, Sushi and Spring as we provide information from our differing points of view. Paul the Paranormal Investigator, Sushi our investigator and resident skeptic and Spring the Metaphysical/Spiritual teacher.

Our PodCasts are available for download, for Free, on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker or listen to our current episode directly from our website at aenigmaproject.com.

This week we’re talking about:
Haunted, Phantom and Ghost Ships
Was the Mary Celeste cursed as some believe? Why was she found derelict and drifting in the Atlantic Ocean in December of 1872, and where was her captain and crew? What’s the legend of the Flying Dutchman, was it a real ship? Has it been seen in modern times? Why do people report sightings of ghosts on docked vessels like the QEII? Can these ships really be haunted? Join us as we discuss these infamous ships, along with our experiences on the Delta Queen and much more.

Next week is our Free Form Show. Send us your questions and we’ll talk about it on the show. Visit our website AenigmaProject.com/contact-us/ and send us your questions!

Our Upcoming Shows his Month, October 2019:

Week 1 – Amityville Horror – uploaded on 10/05
Week 2 – Haunted ships – uploaded 10/09
Week 3 – Our Free form show
Week 4 – Ghosts ghouls and goblins
Week 5 – Samhain/Halloween

Send us your questions, topic suggestions or just let us know what you think of our show. We might use one of your question in our next Free Form Show! Visit our website AenigmaProject.com/contact-us/ and drop us a line!

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