Ænigma PodCast: Amityville Horror

October 2019 – Week 1 The Ænigma Project:
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Join Paul Cagle, Sushi and Spring on our rebooted The Ænigma Project PodCast. Where we discuss the paranormal, close encounters with the unusual and interactions with the supernatural. We’ll play Truth or Tale and share a little paranormal news now and then too.

Our PodCasts are available for download, for Free, on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker or listen to our current episode directly from our website at aenigmaproject.com.

This week we’re talking about:
The Amityville Horror
Since the late ’70s the Amityville Horror has intrigued and frightened us.  Why did Ronald Defeo Jr. kill his whole family?  Why did George and Kathy Lutz only stay in the home for 28 days before fleeing with only what they were wearing? Were their experiences real? Or was it all just made up stories? We discuss the history, the evolution of the Horror and a little about what’s happened since this story first began.

Our Upcoming Shows his Month, October 2019:

Week 1 – Amityville Horror – uploaded on 10/05
Week 2 – Haunted ships
Week 3 – Our Free form show
Week 4 – Ghosts ghouls and goblins
Week 5 – Samhain/Halloween

We hope you’ll join us each week as we laugh and entertain our old fans and hopefully our new ones too!

Click here for more information about Spring’s history with The Ænigma Project.

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