Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The World – Inverted

The World - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Bring your energy back to the here and now. Get grounded and pay attention to what is in front of you. Don’t just listen, but actually hear what’s being said to you. It’s good to dream and reach for the ultimate wishes. But at some point you must get your head out of the clouds into reality. You’re not alone in this. Stop allowing your mind to create more confusion and imbalance, because you know it’s not only about you. Let the one who shares your burden add their two cents without judgement. Simply listen and allow others to feel like they’re being heard.

Additional Insight:

You become what you think. So think the best and allow your creative energy to build bridges to turn things around for the better.  The more you focus on the negative, no matter what the topic, the more you feed the cynical world. And the more you’re allowing that pessimistic attitude and judgement to fester and gain power. Is everything in the world perfect? Of course not, because we can’t change the world when we’re adding to the anger and negativity.

Is your world perfect? No not when you keep viewing the same struggle, frustration and worry as if you alone are supposed to fix it. You’re in this together. No one is carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. But you’re not going to fix anything if your too busy defending yourself or feeling the need to be in control of everything. Communication is the path to compromise. How can you locate the middle ground and support each other if you never take interest in the other side’s perspectives.

No one can walk into a situation with rose-colored glasses and expect to turn all the worries and anxieties around.  Just like all things in life, this isn’t the world according to you. How “it should be” isn’t going to fit everyone’s concept. What you think should be happening isn’t going to work for others who have an equal moral perspective that treads a different path. Stop the judgements and expectations. Walk to the middle of the road and stand in the reality of now. No solution is going to be perfect for everyone. And everyone has to give a little to get a little. Even you.

Be the example of holding your tongue; if you can’t say something nice than don’t say it. When you feel frustrated, annoyed or down right angry over what someone said remember the old adage “Sticks and stones can hurt me, but words never will.

Yes words can hurt, but only if you choose to let them in. Ideas can be dangerous, but only if you respond to them giving them more power to influence and manipulate by feeding the negative energy with your own angry emotions in response. Don’t be part of the problem that continues to attack. Change your response by offering an alternative solution. By sharing a more positive position and working to compromise. Focus on the alternative path that cancels out the suspicions being generated by the fear mongers in your head or in reality.

If you want things to be better, than you must do better. Do more listening than arguing. If you want to be heard, than listen to  someone who needs to talk. You’re not the only one who feels scared, upset, insecure or who feels they’ve lost control over everything going on in their life. Become what you need and meet in the middle with compassion and love.  It’s a great day to remember “Walking Your Talk”© is paramount to incorporating your desire for healing and compassion into your every day life.  Practice what you preach and provide a moment that feeds the optimistic energy and pulls everyone back together to turn everything around for the better.

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