Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Nine of Cups – Inverted

9 of Cups - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Hold onto what you’ve got. Things are falling into place and it’s not in your best interest to look back in sorrow. Even though you think your cups are all empty, you have more blessings and success around you than you realize. Stop and look for a moment. Allow yourself to support those you love most, and more importantly let them support you. Appreciate your blessings, and you’ll attract more to come your way.

Additional Insight:

It’s not easy to give up some of your independence and allow someone else to take care of you. But sometimes we all need help and we’re placed in situations to remind us of that. Whither it’s a physical ailment, financial support or some other form of help, it doesn’t make you less of a person. You can be strong and independent, even when you need someone to lean on. So don’t take your frustrations out on them, they’re only trying to help.

There will come a day when the Divine Universe will provide you with an opportunity to pay that effort given to you forward to the one who gave it. Life is about balance, even when we feel the scales are hanging too much to one side. Remember not everything you receive or give has equal value. Your love, compassion and care are worth much more than material “things”. There’s no need to feel guilty for accepting a gift of support from one who you don’t think you can ever repay. Because you can give back, in love and appreciation is so much greater.

Stop devaluing the gift of love and kindness. Partnerships have greater value when they’re surrounded by appreciation and compassion. It doesn’t matter if it’s a loving relationship, platonic friendships, or even a working relationship. None of us are totally alone in the world. Simply because you may not have all these forms of partnerships doesn’t mean you don’t have any. Allow yourself to appreciate the friends you do have. Even if it’s simply that person who drops you off at the train station and takes you home again.

A thankful word or complement can go much further in someone’s life than any amount of money. That person you looked at this morning and said “You’re gorgeous” to, may have needed to hear that more than you could ever imagine. You might have saved them from doing something drastic to their life tonight. You never know what’s hidden away in the back of someone’s head. So don’t assume they don’t need a little encouragement, a nice compliment or a little word of support.

You’ve faced days where you simply needed someone to say “it’s going to be ok”. It allowed you to face one more day or one more fight. Often times, the someone who told you that is still standing right next to you. Appreciate them. Say thank you for being here.  I love you, for keeping us going. I appreciate you more than words can explain.  Remember words have energy, they can build someone up, or tear them down. Even when they’re not said, they can leave someone in limbo, fear and worry.

Nothing wrong with saying thanks for taking care of our home while I’m out at work. Thanks for taking care of the kids and doing all the things you do when I’m not here. Or I wanted to say thank you for taking care of us, so I made your favorite dinner tonight. Speak up and let those you love know you’re not taking them for granted and you still want them in your life. Appreciate the blessings by holding onto them and showing you’re thankful to have them in your life.

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