Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Wands – Inverted

Knight of Wands: Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You may have to dig your way through the clutter today. Don’t worry about what you might find. You have experience, knowledge and success on your side. The Knight is watchful and stands guard to warn others of impending danger. That’s your job today, looking at things from all angles. Go through documents before they’re signed, make sure everyone understands what’s been agreed to. You’ll protect your realm from harm and mistakes. Be at peace!

Additional Insight:

Even if it’s just a gut feeling, go with your instincts. Nothing negative can come from double checking the story, contract or project. So you have much more to gain by being diligent and staying on your toes. The task might be new to you, or it might be a long learned skill you’ve developed through experience. You know what to look for and what could be amiss. Take the initiative and get it done.

Look out over the valley and fields to double-check your work, numbers and math. Once you know you’re in the clear, look over the bigger picture and give the work of others a run through. There could be some small miscommunications that are more easily fixed now, than later on when the documents are presented and signed.

Take a moment over your morning coffee to align your Mind/Body/Spirit with the Divine force in your life. Turn on your intuition and allow your connection with spirit to guide your view. The little extra awareness will help you discover any issues and point the way to any problems that might exist. The quicker you find the problems, the more time you’ll have to devise a plan to correct them, and present your ideas to those who need to know.

You might even have an opportunity to elevate your position from the shadows of the back room to the front office. As with yesterday’s message, make sure you understand the consequences of taking such an option. You might lose an ally that you’d rather keep in your corner. Review how the acceptance would impact everyone around you. Some will be happy for you, others will be ok with the acceptance, but wonder why they didn’t get the offer. Others will be jealous and well, who cares, there’s a reason they weren’t offered the job.

Think things through on both fronts and make sure you have given yourself time to review the materials at hand. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can provide the new agreement or give your answer on Monday. Think it over and talk to a trusted co-worker and/or your family. Simply make sure the rewards come with the new headaches that might come with the position. If they don’t, ask for them. Everything is negotiable.

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