Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Nine of Wands

Nine Of Wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You’ve been tied up and held down for so long, that you’re expecting this to be the way things are from now on. That’s not what’s happening here, so you really need to stop worrying about how to undo things and set yourself free. You’re already there! Take the chance to improve your position and you’ll be surprised by the success you achieve!

Additional Insight:

Wands represent the essence of Enterprise & Inaction, Inspiration & Pessimism, Distinction & Disregard. They remind us we have the magik within and can make things happen to better our world.

Spend the day spreading your wings and taking flight. You’re not that depleted person any longer. You endured, gained strength from the fortitude to fight and now you’re ready to get back into the game. You’ve already overcome the big things and it’s time to take the chance and implement a little of your magik. Not only for today, but throughout the weekend.

You’ve spent a lot of time learning and getting back to where you need to be. That struggle to keep moving forward has almost made you forget what it’s like to be care free. This entire week, the Faeries have been saying for everyone to stop the worry and stop making mole hills into mountains. Yet you’re still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Stop it. Once and for all, just stop it!

Now is the time to light your candles, craft your magik and put action behind that energy you want to manifest. Don’t wait around from someone to hand you the brass ring. Go out and take it. You’ve been studying, learning and slowly putting effort into your dream. Ok, great. Now put some real action behind the mission and get into the race. You’ll have a chance to take the high road and move up the ladder to catch that special ring of victory. Take the risk. Don’t let fear and anxiety hold you back and take the low road where it’s safe and conservative. 

Nothing worth having is ever achieved by osmosis. It takes work and effort, practice and luck. But luck is nothing more than being prepared when opportunity arrives. So go out and put your innovation into action, make it happen and be there to seize the day! You can do this. It’s your weekend to bring things together and take the chance to create your future the way YOU want it to be. Go for the win and you’ll be giving yourself the chance to take the checkered flag first!

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