How Pagans Honor Earth Day

Earth by Koya979 at Shutterstock

Earth by Koya979 at Shutterstock

Earth Day is April 22nd

This article popped up on my news feed and I thought it was worth the read for all Pagan communities.

It’s a well written article, though I’d disagree with Paganism being “earth based”. Most Pagans are nature based and that’s a Universal perspective, not one that’s limited to Earth alone. We care about all planets, stars, moons etc. We are part of the whole Universe; connected and intertwined with all things seen and unseen, not just what’s here on Mother Earth.

Beyond that, there’s some pretty good and I’d add inclusive information here. Along with some very useful and interesting links.

Check it out on the Huffington Post:
Eight Ways Pagans Celebrate Earth Day
04/07/2016 02:27 pm ET

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