Merry Mabon and Ostara

Apple Tea Time

Apple Tea Time

The Fall and Spring Equinox

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are stepping into the cool crisp air and explosion of fall colors as the year begins to wane. Our Fall Equinox officially arrives on Wednesday September 23rd at 4:22 am Eastern U.S.

The Equinox rings in Mabon (May-bawn) for Pagans. A holiday that celebrates the harvest season, also known as the Feast of Avalon, the Festival of the Wine and the Festival of the Apple Harvest.  You can learn more about the History of Mabon.

Celebrations often begin at sunset on the night before the official holiday. That would be Tuesday evening. Spiritual observations honor the spirits and energy that assist with the gardens, farms, flocks and herds. Thank Mother Earth for the rain, the fertile ground and Father Sun for the warm rays that promote growth in the fields.

Colors of fall are used for decoration, along with the changing leaves and home-made dishes using the items from the harvest. Pumpkin pie is always a favorite in our house. Along with pecan pie, we are in the south after all.

You can hold a private celebration with an intimate tea party featuring apple tea, apple pie, cinnamon apple bread, cupcakes and more.

In the Southern Hemisphere the season of warmth is arriving as spring takes hold from the cold winter. Pagans welcome in the Sun’s arrival with Ostara, the time of Conception, Regeneration, and New Beginnings.

Celebrations are welcomed with pinks, purples and yellows to honor the colors of spring and the return of the green. The holiday honors the fields and shares blessings for a fertile season that will sustain the community through the summer and into the winter months. Growth of herds and flocks are also a focus of Ostara to promote abundance for the coming year.

As a pagan holiday Ostara is one of the more confusing and convoluted festivals in terms of its history. It’s claimed by German neo-Pagans, Norse, Saxon and Celt. Celts admit that holiday is not one of their original observances and therefore it’s accepted to be part of a reconstruction of old Celtic ways highly influenced by the Norse invasion.

Learn more about the History of Ostara.

Merry Mabon and Happy Ostara
Where ever you are in the world, everyone here at Spring’s Haven and Springwolf Reflections extend our wishes for you and your family to have a blessed and harmonious holiday Equinox celebration!

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