Halloween’s 666 Meme

pumpkinwolfPlease Use Your Head

For the past month and increasingly as the seasons change, people are sharing memes on social media linking Halloween to 666 and even Friday the 13th. It simply makes me want to plant my face in my hand and ask what in the world has happened to common sense!

Now one of these memes is meant to be a joke. But I’ve been astounded by some of the emails I’ve gotten asking when Halloween went from Friday the 13th to October 31st? Some people are taking these shared images seriously!

What?! Seriously? Let me clear a few things up!  No one knows when the 1st Halloween occurred. It never had an official start date. So there’s no way to know how many observances there have been. So please forget the 666 crap. It’s not true and it’s nothing more than bigots associating a number to a holiday that never had a relationship in the first place.

Second, Halloween has NEVER been on Friday the 13th. Ever! There’s not that many Friday the 13ths in October to begin with. But the holiday, in all it’s observances has always been on the last day of October.

Halloween is a secular holiday. It’s not Pagan, it’s not Christian. It’s simply a fun night for kids to dress up in costumes and go trick-o-treat and scare each other. It’s  a night for family fun in the neighborhood and community. That’s it. It means nothing else. Period!

Hallow’s Eve, the holiday that inspired Halloween is a Catholic holiday observed on October 31st. It’s a night where Catholics honor their dead. That holiday has spread world-wide and has many different traditions in each culture it’s observed in. It was born out of All Saints Day, which occurs on November 1st. Now this holiday is linked to the Pagan holiday Samhain. All Saints Day was established to replace the Pagan holiday and convert Pagans to Christianity. But neither of these holidays are Pagan, nor are they linked to evil or the Devil (which is also Christian).

Please use your common sense and stop sharing these stupid images that say this holiday season is linked to “creepy facts”. They’re not creepy and they’re not true! They’re often insulting to Pagans and they spread misconception, hate and intolerance against one of Pagan Metaphysics most honored and special holidays.

Samhain is the Celtic New Year. It’s a Gaelic word that literally translates to “Summer’s End”. It’s one of our harvest festivals and it a night of great reverence and celebration of light.  Please, Learn more:


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