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Summerland, Valhalla, Heaven, Avalon

Summerland, Valhalla, Heaven, Avalon

04/27 Into The Afterlife
Religions around the world hold similar beliefs of the life cycle of birth, life and death. But do they all have a version of the Afterlife? If so, what are those places, if it’s a place at all?
Even those who believe in reincarnation have different forms of the mechanics of that belief. There’s reincarnation, transmigration and rebirth. Then there are the varying aspects of a “place” where souls reside after death. Valhalla, Avalon, Heaven and many many more.
What do you believe? Come sit for a spell and chat with us on Tenacity Radio as we discuss these things and more about spirituality, science, and even give some credence and respect to our atheist friends and relatives.

Due to technical difficulties we replaced our original topic for tonight. We’ll discuss The box in the dumpster next week.


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