Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ace of Cups Inverted

Ace of Cups Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Emotions are riding high today, don’t be afraid to let it out. Allow your feelings to flow and ride the waters with relief. You’ve been holding back the shadows and trying to keep things from closing in for so long. The Divine in your life understands you’re weary of worry. But work has been in progress to help you carry the load. Even though you haven’t seen the efforts, its been there all along. A way has been presented for you to climb on the pillar of strength and push back the darkness of stress even more. You’re about to be free of all that has held you down.

Additional Insight:

Your hard work and fortitude is paying off. Slowly things have turned around and you’ve pushed back on the negative over growth that has long kept you in shadow. The prayers, spiritual work, and allowing Divine Creation to work through you is paying off. You’re able to push back and force the veil of shadow to spread apart and release your spirit. 

Be Mindful of what you have accomplished and achieved already. You have gained knowledge and wisdom beyond measure. You have learned to trust those closest to you. Something that has never been easy for you when it comes to finances and survival. You have given your biggest worries to the Divine Spirit and held faith you will be taken care of anyway.

You have discovered your own inner strength to get through anything, without losing everything. You had accepted the responsibility to fight back for what is right and what it yours. Standing up for yourself has never been your strong suit. Mostly you have turned the tide and created the belief in yourself that can improvise, adapt, overcome and succeed. Something you didn’t have before all this struggle began so many years ago.

Now hold on as the Divine helps you make the final push through the ceiling of darkness. Let the force of divine creation fire up the rockets and lift you out of struggle. You’ll be able to spread your wings and take flight where you can finally see the limitless sky. Take time to appreciate what you achieved and glide on your own upon the breeze of adventure that overlooks the grand vista of your future. You worked hard for it. Make sure you take time to appreciate it and give back to those who helped you along the way.

A Little Note:
If you’ve been following me on Facebook for the past two months, you know Crow has been communicating with me with great frequency. Crow magik has always been something special to me. As I wrote the paragraph starting with: “You have discovered your own inner strength,” a murder of crows arrived in the backyard. It’s not totally unusual for three or four to stop by in the morning and say hello. But this was the entire community of crows, over ten or more. And they were making sure I knew they were there communicating very loudly. That puts an emphasis on that entire paragraph, so you might pay a little extra attention to the message there within that section of today’s card.

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