Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Two of Wands

2 of wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Watch out for tricksters who pretend to be your friend or force themselves into your life. They want more than your friendship. Be gracious and kind, but hold back a little of your personal details. Don’t share too much about your business and how you got here. Your trust has value and so do you. Make sure you remember that trust is earned. Don’t give yours away too freely or without a little scrutiny. You’ll save yourself some headaches and unnecessary hardships.

Additional Insight:

Not everyone has the interpersonal skills to make new friends and may seem overwhelming when they meet you. A lack of social skills might be what’s occurring today. But then again, you might come across someone who plays on your good graces in order to take advantage of you or someone in your circle.

Be cautious. Don’t share your personal secrets or your business ones either. You could be talking to your competition and sharing information that allows them to steal your customer base. Sometimes being balanced in life also means being realistic. Not everyone out there is trying to live with good positive energy. An ounce of skepticism is a must in today’s world. As long as you hold it in balance with belief.

Remember that too much of anything, good, bad or indifferent is not good for you. That includes being naive and opening your front door to all who knock and want to come in for a visit. If you don’t know them, or haven’t seen them around, keep them on the front porch. You can be nice and kind just as easy out there, as within your own domain. And that’s not just your physical home or office. That’s your emotions and physical being too.

It won’t take long to find out what their game is. Then you can decide if they’re worth the effort to share a story or two about your own life. Maybe they are simply a little awkward and need a friend to show them some compassion. Keep your intentions clear, don’t let them confuse kindness with flirtation. Or a smile with sexual attraction. Perhaps they’ve been out of the friendship game for so long, they’ve forgotten how to build new alliances. Try not to prejudge everyone new who comes across your path. Keep an open mind, with a full ounce of scrutiny.

Keep your shields up, use your good judgement and you’ll protect your personal and professional domain successfully. But do so with kindness and respect. It’s ok to say “No I’m not interested”, after all it’s your life and you should be the one who makes the choices for who enters and remains. Or who enters to help you learn a lesson and needs to move on afterwards.

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