Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: King of Pentacles


King of Pentacles

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

The Fae are working to help you manifest the energy you’ve been creating to turn things around. It feels as if it’s going extra slow because others are distracted and haven’t been doing their part. You may have to do a little nagging today and this weekend to get the ball rolling again. Don’t be afraid to push a little bit and remind them of what needs to be done and the deadlines involved. It takes a team to make all this work out in the end.

Additional Insight:

Don’t be angry or upset with how others are contributing to your plans to make things happen and turn your finances around. They’re stressed out and filled with anxiety too. Everyone is feeling overwhelmed; it’s not only you.

Giving gentle reminders and asking what you can do to help will give them the nudge to get back to work. Reminding them that things can’t move forward until they do their part will also help. As long as you’re doing that nagging with a calm voice of support. Tone is everything today!

Don’t try to make them feel guilty, or blame for something that has already occurred. They’re not the only responsible for the mess you’re in. You had a hand in it too. If you want to make things work out for everyone, you’re going to have to face the bad and the good as a team to get it done.

Spend today and the entire weekend being calm and patient. But remember you’re the one who rules over your domain. Lead the way by example and with compassion and concern. Others will look up to you and want to do their part to please you and gain your favor. A much nicer way to get what you need….and want.

Happy Summer Solstice!
May you and yours have a great weekend and lovely celebration. I’ll be posting a special Solstice Ritual today, so come back and check it out.

~ Summer Break ~
We’ll be on break from June 23rd through July 4th 2014
Have a fun and happy summer!!
See you for the next Tarot Meditation Drawing on July 7th, 2014.

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