Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Seven of Cups

7 of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Study what’s in front of you and appreciate the gifts it brings. You can learn a great deal by looking within the little things to see what they have to offer. Take time to gain an understanding of how one thing touches another, creating ripples through the calm water. Everything you say and do will touch someone else today, in turning touching another and another through out the entire day. Make sure you’re being supportive, encouraging and uplifting. Make your ripple effect a positive one.

Additional Insight:

Don’t let your bad day become someone else’s bad day. Your stress and anxiety is what you decided to hold onto today. If you don’t want to feel that way, then let it go and relax. Don’t try to push it off onto someone else and ruin their day too.

No matter how much you have on your plate, you’ll get through this. Don’t lash out at others and turn their good day into your bad day.  Things are moving forward and working out as fast as possible. It may not seem like you’re making headway, but you are. Be careful you’re not undoing all that good work by pushing the negative energies out to manifest and attract more of the same back to you.

Pay attention to your words and don’t go out of your way to push buttons within other people. You know their story and how they got to this point. Don’t make them go back in time and feel the pain of what they went through and have tried so hard to overcome. And don’t try to turn things around and play the role of the victim either. “Oh woe is me” isn’t baggage to be carried by others either. You made these choices. Forgive yourself and get over it.

We all have our baggage from the past that we’re trying to heal from and set aside. Your baggage is no heavier than the next person. No matter what your tragedies, someone out there in the world has been through much worse. If they can overcome and uplift their day; so can you. You’re strong enough, wise enough and able enough.

The first person you must be kind to is yourself. Deep breath. Release the stress and negative talk. Choose to sigh and let go, instead of yelling, complaining and getting mad; stop, sigh and breath deep before you utter a single sound. Change what you release and express and you’ll attract more of that same calming energy. Turn your day into a breath of fresh air and you’ll share that same calm, happy energy with everyone you interact with today and through the weekend. Relax. You’re going to be ok.

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