Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Five of Wands – Inv


Five of Wands - Inv

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You can’t pass off your responsibilities to someone else and expect to keep the prize or rewards. By doing the work yourself you will gain the knowledge and satisfaction of getting things done. Be curious, explore the world outside your domain and learn something about the world you didn’t know. Don’t remain as the innocent creature inside the egg, secluded from life.

Additional Insight:

All week the insight has been one of self-responsibility and expansion of knowledge and understanding. Here again we have that message to broaden your views and see outside the walls of your shell.

Learning about others doesn’t mean you will take on what you learn. It doesn’t mean you will become what you research. It doesn’t mean you must practice or exercise the actions of those you try to understand. Stop allowing the fear of intolerance to keep you bottled up and secluded within the walls of your domain.

Your walls could have been built by others that have been your only resource for information. By limiting your view to their knowledge, you could be getting a distorted side of the story. Their side may not be as accurate or as just as they present it to be.

The only way around that is to step up and open the doors to the greater world and research other views and perspectives on the topics you’re interested in. Get the bigger picture for yourself and make your own choices and decisions about what you see, hear and read. Take responsibility for your own thoughts and you’ll let the magik of creation guide your steps to peace and happiness.

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