Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Fool

The Fool

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t be taken for a fool. Someone close by is trying to distract your attentions so you don’t see what’s really going on. Be careful you don’t use your resources and tools like toys. This isn’t a game. It’s great to have fun and be silly once in a while. But there’s an appropriate time and place for play. Trust your instincts and stop the negative self talk that’s repeating what the manipulators are putting in your head. You know when to pay attention to the warning signs and when to let go and relax. Make sure you’re choosing the right time to accomplish both, when it’s best for you.

Additional Insight:

The one trying to manipulate you could be trying to get something past you without your knowledge. Or they maybe unreliable, a person who can’t be counted on, because they’re easily distracted from doing what they should be focused on. 

Don’t let the immaturity of others take you away from what you’ve been trying to build over the past few years or months. You’ve worked too hard to allow one mistake to tear it all down. And that could easily happen if you shirk your responsibilities or abuse the tools you’ve been given to use on this path.

Don’t listen to the guilt trip, the pleas to have fun, or the put downs that you don’t care about your friends or family. You know good and well those statements aren’t true. Someone who cares about you wouldn’t manipulate you in this manner in the first place. They would know how important your mission has been to change things for the better, and wouldn’t try to demean your efforts. So ask, are they really your friend?

Be careful the night out doesn’t end in a drunk driving incident. Or the week-end adventure ends up being something entirely different than what was promised. Or that you’re taken advantage of to create a parlor game that abuses your gifts or causes you to be shunned from people who don’t understand your path. 

Would it be nice to toss in everything and run off for the weekend? Yes of course it would. But what commitments have you made that will go unfulfilled if you do? Have you been given a gift to use with reverence, respect and honor? Is this so-called “friend” trying to get you to misuse it because they see it as a game or a toy? Your crystal ball really isn’t for bowling!

Short term distractions are not worth sacrificing your long-term goal. Be careful what you allow yourself to get talked into today and this weekend. That split second decision could destroy everything you’ve been working so hard to achieve. And now that its right here within reach, you must protect it like a fragile crystal cup so that it can be admired and given special prominence on your altar for giving thanks.

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One thought on “Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Fool

  1. Thanks, I don’t know if this was a general drawing which I think it must be but the ancient ones must know I need to read this cause this is how it is right now for me. Thank You

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