Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Two of Cups


Two of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Gifts show up from the most unlikely places. It maybe a surprise on several fronts, but be gracious. Someone took time to think about you and made a gesture of kindness and caring. You may not want the attachment they are offering with the gift, so be up front and honest without being cruel. Remember what you put out, you will receive in return.

Additional Insight:

Sometimes gifts are given as a manner of respect. They come as a reward for hard work. They come as a sign of devotion from a family member or loved one. They can be an apology from a friend or someone important in your life. They can even come from an admirer.

What ever the reason, don’t make light of the gift and shun the person giving it. They took time to share their emotions and that takes courage in some situations. If it’s a present from someone you’re not interested in, let them know you appreciate their kindness, but make it clear you cannot accept the entanglements that come with the present. And perhaps give them kudos for having the guts to express their kindness toward you. It really did take guts.

Ask if they still want to give it to you and accept it graciously if they do. Or if you feel uneasy about accepting it, make sure you express your gratitude with kindness and respect, but let them know you don’t feel right about accepting their offering and put the blame on yourself. “It would make me feel as though I’m taking advantage of you and I don’t want it to appear that way to you either”.

Whatever the gift is, there is a reluctance around receiving it today. Be careful how you accept it or reject it. Don’t let someone get the wrong idea about why you’re taking their offering or not taking it. You have words, use them and communicate your feelings. Be firm, but not mean. Be clear, but not ungrateful.

If the gift is an opportunity you’ve been waiting for, make sure you look for the hidden cost that might be attached to it. While it might be a chance to get where you’re going faster, you may not like the price you’ll be asked to pay for the chance to get ahead. There’s something to be said for “I did it my way”.

Everyone likes to be the center of attention at one time or another in their lifetime. But unwanted attention can be unnerving and put one in an uneasy predicament. Don’t compound the issue by returning the gesture with condemnation, or being condescending. You could make a tough situation even worse. Instead rise above and allow your higher consciousness to work through you with compassion. Express your gratitude and appreciation, show respect to both the gift and the one giving it. Your kindness and your ownership of your feelings will go a long way to earning you the respect you need to end the situation with successful finality.

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