Lost Hope


Howl And Let It Go

What Do You Do?

What do you do when you’ve reached the point of despair, no hope and all pride is lost? The news media prefers to cover sensationalized stories instead of actual news. So they don’t realize how many people around the world are still struggling and sliding backward without employment.

But whether or not the news covers the economy or not, doesn’t make it any less painful for families who are suffering and trying to make ends meet. And most, don’t even come close. They are losing hope, if they have any left at all. The pride they once had in themselves was given up a long time ago when they had to start asking for help. It dwindled away even more when they started asking for hand-outs.

Here in the States, it evaporated completely when they were told they don’t qualify for welfare or food stamps because of this reason or that. You might be surprised how many middle-class families who lost their jobs and are still struggling to find work don’t qualify for social assistance. It’s staggering. Here in Virginia, if you own a home, you will not qualify for aid. No matter how bad your situation, it seems many simply aren’t bad off enough and they’re punished for it.

I receive emails from families, single moms or dads and each one is heart wrenching. Each one has their own tale of struggle, looking for work and not finding any. Either they’re over qualified, or they’ve been out of work for so long their skill set is out dated. Or so they’re told. I can relate. Add to that people who have worked their entire lives who have crossed that 50 mark, and their age plays into the mix as well.

They’ve heard all the advice. They really didn’t need 10 different people telling them what to do or what they should do. They’ve done it. When they swallow what pride they have left and make that call to ask someone for help, they don’t need to hear “Well have you done this? Did you do that? Have you looked into doing something else?”. No they’ve been sitting around doing nothing all this time! Of course they’ve done everything you came up with and more. Why put them through more scrutiny when they’re already as low as they can go?

I have no real advice to dealing with the practical situation that hasn’t already been heard. All I can do is help the psyche find release and one more day of strength to make it through. If you can make it through one more night, the light of day doesn’t seem so dark.

Holding in all that angst is part of the problem. People in these situations lose friends. People they thought would always be there, even if it was only to provide someone to talk to. But sadly, you can be too poor for some to want your friendship.

burningletterGet It Out & Let It Go
When you have no one to talk to, what do you do? My suggestion, Write a letter!

Even if you’re writing to yourself or to the GreatSpirits (or whatever you call the Divine in your life) put your thoughts to paper (or computer screen). Get your feelings, emotions and frustrations “out” of your system and release the energy and the hold they have over you. Don’t let them dwell within creating more despair and anxiety.

It may sound like a silly thing to do, but you’d be surprised at how therapeutic it can be to simply write out what’s going on in your life, how it makes you feel and you’ve tried to do about it. You don’t have to post the letter, or email it to anyone. Sometimes the letter is for your eyes only and holds a conversation between you and the Divine, or your spirit guides, or who ever is in spirit that you want to talk to.

Get it out and Let It Go! Several years ago I wrote an article about Letting it Go. Getting it out is one thing, but then what do you do with “it”. I have several suggestions in that article that might be worth reading. At the very least, maybe my suggestions can inspire you to create something that might work better for you.

Getting all that emotion out does exactly that. It gets it out of your being, it releases the energy and it makes way for you to fill the void with anything positive. A funny movie, a funny clip on YouTube, anything you have that’s fun and will make you laugh. The key to getting it out is not to make room for more of the same. But to replace what was dragging you down, with something that can lift you up.

To lift your spirit and find your way,
Fill the void of despair with Laughter!

From that smile, you’ll ease your worries,
And allow your soul to rise above the fray.
~  Springwolf 🐾 © 2013

Laughing To Fill The Void
A few years ago, my son and I had a particularly hard week that culminated into one very difficult day. Life was presenting more challenges than we could handle alone and at the time, there was no one to turn to. It was a school night and I had put him to bed with no real solutions or comfort.

laughterWhile I went to my place for a cry, he was crying in bed. About an hour later he got back up and said he couldn’t sleep because he was too upset. Nothing can wrench your heart out more than your little boy crying because he too was hitting the rocks of despair.

He climbed in my lap, we hugged and instead of talking about what we had been arguing about, or frustrated over earlier in the evening, we turned to fill the void of despair. Now everyone has that place they can turn to. It’s different for each person. For us, on that night, it was  Craig on YouTube.

Specifically we start off with “Geoff Makes Craig Cry” in a good way. My son loves “Craig Cracks Himself Up“. And then there’s “The Chuck Norris Apology“.  Craig Ferguson with Larry King Geoff. And a million more.

It doesn’t matter what it is that makes you laugh. Fill your void and give yourself a break from the stress and strain. Tomorrow is another day and you will get through it.

© Springwolfs Hanko

© 2013 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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