Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing – Ace of Swords –

Ace of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

No relationship is stress or strife free. Stop putting a stake in the ground and expecting others to live up to an expectation that no one can meet. Not even you! True love involves compassion, communication and compromise, especially in times of frustration. Show your strength and be supportive, instead of being stubborn and in-different!

While swords can represent strife and conflict, they can also represent strength. You can triumph in situations by using your heart to show compassion and to communicate calmly about your feelings. Remember you’re the one who is responsible for your own emotions.

“You made me feel” is the worst thing you can to someone, and it’s also not true. “When this happened, I felt like” is the more accurate way to define your own feelings. Blaming others for your emotions is not being accountable, passes the buck and not fair to others.

Take time to think about your role in conflict, because it really does take two to have a fight. And while today many people are expecting a carefree relationship, that Hollywood version of life really doesn’t exist. The ebb and flow of any relationship can put a strain on friendship and love. But it can also build strength and success. It all depends on how you take responsibility for your own actions and deeds.

Stop complaining about the little things and start focusing on the strengths you bring to each other. Change the sword of angst to a sign of triumph and success!

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