I’m On Google+ Today

The Wolf WithinNew Social Media

More and more people are looking for social media outlets outside of Facebook. Many are turning to Google+ as their alternative. We want to provide as many outlets as possible for people to interact with us, enjoy our posts and share our news, thoughts and inspirations.

I’ve been resisting Google+. Mostly because I already have enough to keep up with. But I joined Google+ today and hope to connect with a wider audience and share our daily messages with the new Android media devices in the world. Along with those who love Google and all it has to offer.

We hope you’ll look her up and become part of her circle of friends!

Check out my Google+ page, be part of my circle, hang out..I have no idea what I’m talking about. I only set this up today.  😉

Springwolf on Google+

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3 thoughts on “I’m On Google+ Today

  1. William is always trying to get me on all the social networking sites, but I avoid mostly because I don’t know how they work or what’s expected of me.

    • Katrina,

      I resisted FB for years! But this is these are the marketing media of the day. I signed up to Google+ because a friend said she’s getting more referrals from Google than FB. Most of them guide you through the set up. After that, check out what other businesses do and do something similar.

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