The Spring’s Haven Divination House

It’s Nice To Have Dreams – Dreams Inspire, Empower and Create Hope –
Give Yourself Permission To Dream!
~ Springwolf

Our Humble Dream

On Sunday July 29th I posted a Sunday Homily “It’s Nice To Have Dreams“, concerning the power of having dreams to reach for and aspire to. In the Homily I mentioned “One of  my newest dreams was inspired by a picture I saw on Facebook. I would like to build this on our utility trailer, haul it to the Renfaire and use it as a divination house. Now wouldn’t that be absolutely awesome?!”

We keep talking about our dream in our family and everyone keeps coming up with great ideas. Including our 9 year old son. Who suggested we make a post on our blog to track the ideas and share them with our family and friends. He said “If we think about it and dream about it and that adds energy to making it real, then wouldn’t more people thinking about it add even more energy?” Well, ok; out of the mouths of babes!

So we’re putting his suggestion into practice. We’ll be updating this post from time to time adding our new ideas and progress to making this dream a reality. 

Spring’s Haven Divination House
It’s Good To Have Dreams

When I first had this idea, I shared the vision with my husband who immediately started designing it in his head. When you share your dream with others and they support your vision, the exchange and sharing of ideas can add to the creation and manifestation of that dream. Not to mention, you can come up with some great additions to add details to your vision!

My husband used his engineering skills to talk about how wide the Divination House could be on the trailer and still be legal. So we zipped over the The Department of Transportation (DOT) and learned about the limit for commercial vehicles is set at 8.5ft wide and 13.5ft high.

Now putting our Divination House on a trailer would raise it close to that limit. We solved that concern by changing the pitch of the roof. Altering the pitch we could make the interior tall enough to maximize the space, yet remain within the DOT limits. We could further maximize it by turning the roof line 90-degrees, making it nearly flat and creating a small over hang at the very top and front of the building.

Sharing this idea on my Facebook page, my oldest sister came up with a great idea. Check out small trailer houses that are becoming popular and get some ideas. A quick Google search turned up a great site called the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. And she was right, we got a lot of great ideas from looking at their plans, construction and design.

Neil Cox and Mary-Ann Jack-Bleach
Collaborating Artists

They helped us think of ways to maximize the width of the house. While we would still put the Divination house on a tree trunk we could the sides over the wheel wells of the trailer. We came up with another idea of shoring up support on the corners of the building by adding 4 trees that appear to be growing up to the corners of the building making a forest, instead of a single lone tree that has a house sitting on it.

Something like the tree to the right at the Eldon House in London. Imagine that coming up from the ground floor and wrapping around each corner of the house to the roof.

Another great suggestion came from my husband when we talked about how to hide the modern mechanics of the trailer when the house is parked. He suggested making the ends of the tree roots extend over and down the edges of the trailer. And the large roots of the big tree could be carved into the shape of wolf heads!

When I thought about how to hide the wheels and metal structure of the trailer I thought of a small wooden fence used for gardening to wrap around the trailer. 

We talked about hanging flowering plants off the branches that extend off the roof line, and that inspired a vision of wrapping flowering vines around the decorative branches on the side of the building and along the staircase. Then my son got another idea for lighting the outside with small hanging ‘old time’ lanterns.

Tommy Craggs Tree Sculpting

My son suggested decorating the outer floor with seasonal items, like pumpkins for the fall, snow and holly for the winter and spring flowers or wading pools for the summer. What a great idea!

Last night I had a dream about our little house and in it we talked about where to place the wood carved frogs, rabbits and the wolf family. With carved vines and flowers that were painted in bright vibrant colors.  Ok, now that’s an awesome idea.

Back to Google and we found our inspiration from Tommy Craggs Tree Sculpting. Especially the animals, I LOVE his owl!

Now imagine two big ole bull frogs sitting near the staircase. And a family of wolves near the trunk of the big tree. A momma wolf laying down with a baby girl. A baby boy playing near her front feet, and a daddy wolf sitting near her hind legs. Each one with a slightly different colored wood stain.

My son is partial to dragon flies, which we have an abundance of here at the lake. So of course we would have to include some of them, along with butterflies and squirrels around the structure as well.I can see it now.

StairMeïster Log Works

Oh and the other modification in the dream, the staircase is now curved and sits to the right of the entire structure. Back to Google and wow! What a find at the StairMeïster Log Works.

This way we can have a small sitting area to the left of the stairs on the ground floor of the structure/trailer, we don’t know what we’re going to call that part yet.

One thing we do know, there are some amazingly talented people out there! Sharing their artful gifts and enhancing the beauty of our world! Not to mention helping to put someone’s vision into reality. In the few Google searches I’ve done today, I’m amazed at how many ideas we have in our minds actually exist in some form in the world already. All we have to do is figure out how to bring them all together in one place!

We have so many ideas that are inspiring us to design a truly creative house. I hope you enjoy our journey through the conception, planning and hopefully one day, the creation of our house.

Stay tuned! We’ll be adding a lot more!

© 2012 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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