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Today’s Tarot Meditation: The Devil – Inverted

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Today’s Message:

The Devil - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t throw your hands up and walk away. Everything worth having is worth fighting for. So things aren’t perfect. That’s life. We don’t live each day to the standards of a Hollywood vision of perfection. That’s fantasy, so change your expectations. No one can live up to that standard. Not even you!

Additional Insight:

Where did you get the idea that the right relationship means never arguing or facing bumps in the road? No relationship is perfect and everyone argues. That’s life. Get used to it. If you’re throwing away the best thing in your life because you’re having a fight, you’re not mature enough to be in a relationship.

Grow up! It’s not all about you. Relationships involve work and communication. Everyone will get their feelings hurt and your feelings are no more valid or important than your partner. You may have pushed a button that stems from a deep emotional scar your partner faced in a previous or other relationship. Their reaction may have pushed one in you.

If you truly love each other, then hold the respect you have for one another to a higher level above the hurt feelings. Let the sting of the pain subside for a day and then talk to one another. Don’t talk to your best friend who will feed the flames. Don’t talk to your buddy at the bar who has no idea what’s really going on. The only person you should be talking to is your partner. Act like an adult who wants an adult relationship and communicate with each other and resolve the issue.

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Devil

The Devil

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Keep your temper under control today. Don’t allow the foul mood of others to push your buttons. You’re not part of their drama, so don’t get involved simply because they want to take it out on you. Show compassion, let them know it’s going to be ok and then quickly walk away!

Additional Insight:

You may not know what’s going on with someone else, but you can be assured you’re not the cause. So don’t get involved; overlook their emotional lashing out at everyone around them. Try to be calm and let them know you’re sorry they’re having a bad day. Give them a little kindness and compassion. Tell them you know things will be better tomorrow.

If they’re a work or school associate avoid them like the plague for the rest of the day! If they’re a close friend or family member, give them a hug and let them know you care. Don’t force them to talk about what has them upset. But let them know if they need a shoulder, you’re there. And if they do confide in you, remember; keeping a confidence is extremely important in relationships. If they ask for your help to intervene, then perhaps you can share some information. Otherwise…keep your mouth shut!

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