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Being A Workaholic

Working Hard

Working Hard

The Struggles & Solutions To Relax

I struggle with being a workaholic. I get involved in something and become so focused that I lose track of time, and ignore other things that need to get done. Like having lunch or going to bed.

I start working on a task and find myself hours later, sometimes into the very wee hours of the morning still working on it. It’s stressful. It affects your health when you do it day after day. And it’s simply not good for you.

But if I had a problem with a project, I’ve been known to get so focused that I can’t think of anything else until it’s resolved. I’ve had bosses tell me I have to go home and stand there until I pack up and leave. It was much worse than it is now. I talked to a therapist and tried to resolve the issue.

How can you change the negative patterns and turn your day around to be in the moment, enjoy the world around you and relax? The best way is to find a set of tools that offer rewards and incentives. I think I’ve done quite well overall, but it still creeps up from time to time.    I’ve found ways to help me avoid getting back into the old patterns. Continue reading