The 13 Full Moons in 2020

The Full Moon

That Means A Blue Moon 

Every month of the year will see a Full Moon. But Blue Moons, when there’s a 2nd full moon in the same month, do not happen all that often. Maybe once a year, or if you’re lucky twice a year. Our last Blue Moon was on Friday December 13th, 2019. Another auspicious event.

For 2020, we’ll only see one Blue Moon on the calendar. But what a night for it to show up! According to the Farmer’s Almanac Moon Calendar,  October will see it’s first full moon on October 1st. And another on Saturday, October 31st, at 10:49am eastern U.S. time.

In the world of Pagan Metaphysics, we call the observance of the Moon, Esbat days, or Ritual days. These phases are where we combine the energy of the Divine Goddess, in this case in the form of Grandmother Moon, with your own energy, for magikal working.

The Full Moons for 2020
All times are Eastern U.S.

Full Moon Calendar 2020
Full Moon Date Native American Name Time of Full Moon
January 10th Wolf Moon 2:21 PM
February 9th Snow Moon 2:33 AM
March 9th Worm Moon 1:48 PM
April 7th Pink Moon 10:35 PM
May 7th Flower Moon 6:45 AM
June 5th Strawberry Moon 3:12 PM
July 5th Buck Moon 12:44 AM
August 3rd Sturgeon Moon 11:59 AM
September 2nd Corn Moon 1:22 AM
October 1st Harvest Moon 5:05 PM
October 31st Blue Moon 10:49 AM
November 30th Beaver Moon 4:30 AM
December 29th Cold Moon 10:28 PM

Observing Esbats on Sabbat Holidays
When an Esbat day falls on a Sabbat (High Holy Day), that day becomes even more important for ritual and energy work. This means Pagan’s celebrating Samhain in 2020, will be treated to a celebration cycle of the New Year, with that of the Blue Moon. A very special observance indeed!

In the pagan community, the origins behind the meaning of a Blue Moon vary. And the tales or origins; of these meanings cannot be substantiated. However, some believe this rare extra full moon holds the knowledge of the Grandmother Goddess (or the Crone aspect) through her wisdom and understanding of transition, change and evolution into enlightenment.

Samhain is the start of the Celtic New Year and honors the year that has passed. It is the time when the veil of forgetfulness is lifted between the physical world and the spiritual world. Where the dead are honored and communication with spirit can take place more than any other time of the year.

The Cosmic Cycles by Springwolf

The Cosmic Cycles

The occurrence of these two important events at the same time, for Pagan’s at least, is significant. As both events, signal a transition or change in the evolution of enlightenment. In my book, Pagan Metaphysics 101, I talk about the Cosmic Cycles and the Cosmic Periods. Everything in the Divine Universe is a circle, and this is especially true with life. We’re born, we grow through the innocence of childhood, we become adults and experience love and children, we move into the wisdom of age and understanding, we transition to spirit through death and we begin the process again, through rebirth. In the Pagan Metaphysical world, this rebirth is accomplished through reincarnation.

The Divine Universe also has a similar cycle, that impacts our lives, our world, and our existence. These are the Cosmic Cycles. They are the 49 year cycles, that are broken down into 7 year periods. And their energy is associated with each Chakra center of life.

The current Cosmic Period is a transition of energy, from the past to the future. Where some elements of the past are being left behind, their fear and anger are fighting back. Trying to hold on to those who are moving forward and moving away from their ignorance. It’s a time that creates conflict, which can be exhibited through violence, hatred and even war.

2015-2022 Pancreas Energy
In this period we learn how to accept each other for who we are. Paying more attention to our similarities rather than our differences. Through the hardships of the past period, we learn that accepting each other and honoring the spirit of all in respect and celebration is key to creating the sweetness of life. At this time there will be those who refuse to let go of the past and continue their protests. But their voices will not be as loud and in many cases, they will be but whispers as the global environment pulls together to bring back joy and happiness.

This Blue Moon Samhain will be a perfect time for Pagan celebrations to focus on peace, love, the transition of the old ways of survival of the fittest, to the survival of the most spiritual. Living your truth, setting aside petty differences and focusing on what we all have in common. Together we fall if hate survives. Or Together we stand, if we all push back against the hate and join together to fight for the common good of the world.

Rituals that incorporate these perspectives would be perfect for Samhain 2020 under the Full Blue Moon. So start making your plans today. And enjoy Grandmother Moon in all her glory, for peace and an evolution into enlightenment.

There are several articles here on my blog that talk more in-depth about these special phases of the Moon that you might be interested in.

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