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The Year Long Affirmation

If you’ve followed my blog for more than a year, you probably know I don’t make New Years Resolutions. Who keeps those promises anyway? I’ve always thought of resolutions as goals that set you up to fail. Not a positive way to start a new year.

My first motto was designed to do nothing more than get me through days of frustration at work.  The experience proved to me that the Motto idea was so much better than a Resolution. I’m big on affirmations and that’s basically what the Annual Motto is. A yearly affirmation that’s there when you need to remind yourself that being Mindful of your thoughts will do you more good than not.

How you feel and think each day, sets up your day, week, month, year and even your life. So why not help your thought process stay positive when those tough situations come up during the year.

Each motto has been exactly what I needed to make it to the next New Years Celebration. And I’m happy to share these annual affirmations with you. I hope they give you strength when you need it the most, and help you to take the next step when you feel like sitting down and giving up.

So here it is, the Annual Motto for 2018

May you all have a wonderful, prosperous and abundant New Year!

If you’re interested, you can view the annual Mottoes HERE on Reflections.

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2 thoughts on “2018 New Year’s Motto

  1. Love your affirmations!
    When I needed to purchase a new [used] vehicle a few months ago, I accepted that I knew nothing about mechanics and how to tell a good purchase from a lemon. So I used an affirmation to guide me:
    “I am the owner of a reliable, dependable, economical, and attractive vehicle”.

    In a couple of weeks I was led to a purchase that turned out to be exactly that!
    My personal affirmation, or motto, is one that I came across in a book that I recently read.
    In the book the author relates how he was given this in a meditation session:

    “You are being taken care of, and you are loved more than you can ever possibly imagine.”

    I put it into the first person:

    “I am being taken care of, and I am loved more than I can ever possibly imagine.”

    It works for me because I don’t have to try to believe it. Personal experience has proven it to me again and again. An affirmation is a declaration of truth . . . . and not something I have to trick myself into believing. It is said that Einstien once said that the most important question we need to answer is whether the universe is a safe place or not, and that the way we answer determines our experiences.
    My experiences have led me to accept that the life energy of the universe wants life to be here, and wants that life to become more than it is.
    As a result of that I find affirmations a lot easier to work with. I no longer feel like “if I repeat this enough times, I might just believe it”.
    Sorry for the length. I have been reading your website for some time now and have always found it to be very helpful. I was very concerned for your well-being when you went on leave and offered many prayers for you. It’s so good to see you back!!! Your work is a blessing to way more people than you can possibly imagine!
    May 2018 find you in a stable place in body and mind!

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