Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Star

The Star

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

From our over night thoughts, through our visions and dreams of sleep, into our actions during the day, we have the ability to rise up and shine bright so others can follow our lead. Be the example of going with the flow and sharing the water of life that carries your inspiration and support for others to search for their own path. Don’t rock the boat. Instead be the guiding star that lifts others above water and empowers them to reach for their journey toward enlightenment.

Additional Insight:

Your journey awaits and you need to start your travels before the 17th. You’ve been thinking and planning this trip for several months now. You’ve rested your wings long enough and it’s time to take flight and follow your star. Enough excuses, enough with the fear.  It’s past time to get serious with the work and get moving toward your own enlightenment, wisdom and success.

Many of the cards this week have been from the Major Arcana indicating that much of the energy in play results from the spiritual aspects of life. Karmic debit or credit, or perhaps dealing with Spiritual lessons or experiences. Because these cards have appeared at least three times this week, we should review our thoughts and actions from a higher spiritual level and contemplate the messages as they provided insight into that day, but also how they impact the week on a higher level of Mind, Body, Spirit. How you think creates your day, your actions influence your week and your thoughts establish your life. Be Mindful.

Take time to go within and really think about the events you’ve been through over the past two months. How do they differ from the similar situations you’ve been through over the past two years? Think about how the spiritual perspectives have been trying to show you the lessons and messages you’ve needed to see and learn. They’re not bad lessons, but rather lessons that show you how much you’ve grown and over come. This time has been guiding your perspective toward the positives and setting you up for the next level of success that will help you achieve your dream.

There’s no reason to be stressed or filled with anxiety. So relax and sit back a little through the weekend. Spend time on you and what you’ve been working for. By Sunday afternoon you’ll feel that excitement of adventure again. And this time, you’ll know you earned it, you deserve it and you’ve done all you needed to do in order to be ready for it to come in and take care of you. Time to welcome in the blessings, once and for all.

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