Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Five of Cups

5 of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Hold onto what you have and stop crying over things you have not lost. Worry is feeding the fear you hold within and giving energy to the outcome you are trying to overcome. The more you allow that fear to take hold, the better chance you have of seeing it manifest. Focus on the blessings you have right in front of you. Along with the blessings of success you already have surrounding you. All is not lost! You have much to be grateful for.

Additional Insight:

Yes you have lost a great deal, but much of that depletion was nothing more than material things. And some were items that you’ve already forgotten about. So they weren’t really that important in the first place. But you made room for new situations to enter into your life. Opportunities where you’ve found achievement. Focus on those triumphs this week and rise above the feelings of doom.

You have put in a lot of spiritual work behind your effort to hold onto what you value. You’ve made sacrifices and let go of a great deal. These haven’t been punishments, but rather necessary changes to free you from the chains that are holding you back. Allowing you to move  forward and open your perspectives to what is possible.

Letting go of the old way of thinking isn’t easy. But you’ll make it more simple if you let go of those negative talkers who feed off your struggles. Start by changing your tale and don’t keep retelling the same version of hardship. Stop falling into the trap of despair that someone near you wants to keep you in. Their only goal is to maintain control over you and continually make you dependent upon their favor. These people have no real place in your life and it’s time to turn away from them and stand on your own. They’re feeding your negativity and than manipulating you for their own self serving needs.

Today you can escape this manipulation by aligning your energies with the Divine force in your life. Use that connection to feed the energy of independent creation and manifestation. Focus on what you need most and how that will help you see what’s right in front of you. Surround yourself with the bright yellow and gold energy of success and bask in the uplifted feeling of achievement. Envision yourself as you want to be and put action behind that deep desire.

By the end of the day, you’ll feel as though you can finally let go of the gloom and return to the sunshine. Things aren’t as weighed down and heavy as you think they might be. So change your vision and bring in the sunshine to brighten the day and light the way down the path of triumph for the rest of the week. You can do this! You’ve already over come so much. Give yourself a pat on the back, some credit for your fortitude and a lot of appreciation for what you have already accomplish. Build on that energy and you’ll end the day with smiles and victory! 

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