Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Five of Cups – Inverted

Five Of Cups-Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

It’s ok to let the old things you don’t need fall away. Some of those items or people might be hard to let go. But you don’t need them in your life any longer. Mourn the loss today, as it’s a healthy release of the old energy from the past. But don’t let it pull you down and lose everything you’ve worked hard to change. You deserve better and you still have a great deal of success surrounding you right now. Some of which may still be in the works of manifestation.

Additional Insight:

Cups represent the essence of Emotions & Apathy, Happiness & Despair, Abundance & Lack.
While Yellow represents Success, Creativeness, Jealousy, & Selfishness.

An inverted card doesn’t necessarily mean the message of the day is negative or at odds with your hope for a good insight. Sometimes it’s a way for the Divine to remind us there are many ways to look at things. That we need a new perspective to see what’s really going on around us. And in the energy we’re creating for our future. 

For the past month the Faeries have been telling us to stop looking at the situations in our lives as a repeat of yesteryear. That we need to stop seeing the same patterns of stress, anxiety and challenge when the energy isn’t at all the same as it was back then. In order to see the new in a different perspective, we sometimes need to let go of what was, so we clear our view for what can be.

Letting go and changing isn’t always easy.  It’s ok to be sad when you let go of something or someone that’s important to you, but no longer serves your future. Whither it’s an object, a situation, a divorce or even if someone has left this world that you cared about, it’s ok to cry and be sad for a short time. We all need to accept our feelings of loss and let them express themselves so we make room for new memories to be created in our life.

But it’s important not to fall so far in your grief that you can’t release the old and move on. Groveling in self-pity is a selfish act that demands attention from those around you. No one is alone in this world and what you’re going through is probably impacting those around you as well. Your emotions aren’t the only feelings to be considered. Share the tears with those who stand by you and who are also crying. Support each other through the events of change and help each other let go and stand up to move on.

Tomorrow things will be much better and you’ll be ready to walk the new journey you’ve been hoping for these past many moons. Allow yourself to be happy and make the choice to forgive the past and let it go. Tell yourself the past has gone and it’s time to look up with optimism and the excitement for new adventures. It will be a brighter day, filled with renewed energy for creative success and abundance.

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