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Earth's Electromagnetic Field

Earth’s Electromagnetic Field

July 20: America’s Energy Vortices

Vortices are high energy areas on the Earth said to be created from the planet’s electromagnetic field. Vortices are not necessarily the same in their physical makeup. They can be volcanoes, high mountains, hot springs, deserts, rich mineral areas, in deep gorges, rock outcroppings, even beneath the ocean. If we travel in a straight line between these areas, we find the Earth’s Ley Lines. Does that play a significance to their existence? Some people associate the Energy Vortecies to the Chakras of the Earth. Is this an accurate comparison?
Where are these “hot spots” of energy here in the Americas? Should you visit them or stay as far away as possible? Come sit with us as we talk about these strange energy centers, where they are, what they are and what they mean.
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