Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Emperor

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti - The Emperor

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Make your choices carefully today. You can hold a world view in your hands, or remain in your own little bubble where things are not what they seem. Watch for the deceptions that try to manipulate your information and force you down a narrow dark path. Do your own research and gain a wider view of what’s really going on. You’ll save yourself a great deal of heartache, trouble and time by finding the truth on your own.

Additional Insight:

Information is power in today’s world. The more someone wants to hide from you, the more they’ll use misinformation to guide your reactions down another path. Don’t be manipulated by the message and lead down the wrong road.

Make sure you follow-up on what you’ve been told. It might be a good story, but it might also be a false tale designed to inflame and misdirect. So do your own research within reliable sources to make sure you can back up the information you’re given.

Make sure you’re following up with sources that don’t have an agenda. Academic resources are often good for that, but not if the story is about them. Don’t dismiss the alternative views or opposing sides of the tale either. Critical thinking is how we discover the underlying truth between the lines of misinformation. You may not agree with what you discover, but it will help you find the larger view and maybe even locate additional information and resources that clear up the whole picture.

Remember there’s always three sides to any story. The left side, the right side and the truth that lies in the middle. Always follow the money and look for the power grab. Who’s going to gain from the final result of this story. That side will often have the biggest reason to misdirect. It’s ok to be skeptical, it’s ok to be critical. Thinking for yourself requires that we ask questions and reason through issues.

Knee jerk reactions only work for the side trying to inflame your emotions to get you to do something for their cause. You often hold a skeptical view when something is too good to be true. How about holding that same skeptical view when something is too bad to be true as well. Because it’s probably been devised to hide the truth and manipulate your views.

You are the leader of your world. Be accountable to your domain and think things through BEFORE you act. Don’t sign the dotted line, don’t pay out good money, don’t offer your time or services today. Hold back and make no promises! Give yourself a day to research, look into things, think things through, contemplate and reason. If at the end of the day tomorrow you still want to provide your support; do so with a clear head.

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