Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Magician

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell - Magician

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell

Make your own magik. Don’t wait for someone else to make it for you.  If you leave it up to someone else, you will not be guaranteed to get what you really need or even want. You have the ability, understanding and clarity to create the life you desire. Take the chance, trust in yourself and manifest your dreams.

Additional Insight:

You can’t simply dream your goals into reality. You can’t sit and think about them and hope they appear by osmosis.  You can’t wish for them to happen or hope someone else creates them for you. Doing so will either never provide the space for them to occur, or get you something that isn’t what you needed or maybe even wanted.

It’s your life and you must be the one who takes control and leads it down the path you are drawn to follow. You must work at choosing the direction, prepare for the journey, gather the tools and make a plan to guide the way. 

You have access to an infinite source of energy to get it done. You need little more than to align yourself, thoughts and actions to the Divine force in your life. With that spiritual connection, you can pull forth the inspiration, creative skills and the will to manifest what you need, when you need it.

Do your research and learn the ways of the road. Read everything you can get your hands on, even those things that are critical of your journey. Looking at all sides will help you avoid pitfalls that others have fallen into that have caused them to give up. It will provide you with perspectives that allow you to see a bigger picture with alternatives through the maze. It can even help you be prepared with counter arguments when the nay-sayers come calling or try to get in your way.

You can’t begin the manifestation of your goals until you know exactly what they are. Think them through and consider all the consequences possible. Devise your plan for where and how best to get started by seeking the counsel of those who are already where you want to be. Don’t let the study seem overwhelming or daunting. It’s not as big of a task as you might imagine.

If you’ve already started the trip, make sure you continue your education. As you put forth your knowledge into experience, you develop a deeper understanding that will alter and expand your perspectives. And take time to investigate the side streets. You may just find some truly exciting and inspirational people along the way who have something new to teach you.

It is your responsibility to create what you want. Putting it off until later isn’t going to get it done. Focusing on the dreams of others, isn’t going to get it done. Working non-stop to complete tasks that others want done for their projects and goals, isn’t going to get it done. It’s about time you start putting a little time into your own goals and giving them the physical energy to manifest in your reality. 

Additional Reading:

A Little Numerological Insight:
This is the 1288th post on Reflections and that caught my attention. When I added the numbers, it was even more significant so I want to share that insight for this drawing.

If you’ve seen my number insights before you know that Mathematics is the only language shared by all humans regardless of culture, religion, or gender. Numerology is the study of the divine or mystical relationship between a count or measurement and life. It has many systems and traditions and beliefs. My practice of numerology is Shamanistic Numerology that’s based on Celtic and North American Shamanistic teachings. It’s not the only method, the best method or the true method. It’s simply one of many methods and one that resonates most with me and my personal perspectives of the Divine and the world we live in.

From a Shamanistic Numerology standpoint, today’s number is a Sub-Prime number and as a numerical number it represents the spiritual aspect of this event.

Actual Derived Designed Calculated
1288 1+2+8+8=19 1+9=10 1+0=1

The Number One:

  • The number of individualism, independence, the self, the physical body and contentment, the start and beginning.
    • This number is associated with the Sun.
    • This number is associated with the Reed Tree.
    • This number is associated with the Snake.
    • It represents the physical world and masculine energy. (Getting things done)
    • Positive direction: When the ‘1’ enters your life it represents confidence, self respect and empowerment. It denotes new projects or situations that are present. Consider the physical implications or impacts and how they will direct the path forward. What new conditions will be created, what old situations will need to be released.
    • Negative Direction: In reverse 1 indicates loneliness, feeling lost, self-doubt, poor self-confidence and illness. It shows the path of stagnation and a refusal to break old patterns that have proven to be detrimental.

I think it affirms the message for today and the weekend. Especially since the Magician is the 1st card of the major arcana (the messengers of spirit) too. Set time aside for you and working for what you desire long term. No one is going to do that for you. No one else is going to make it happen for you. This is something you must do, for yourself and for your own goals and achievements.

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ten of Cups

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell - 10 of cups

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell

Relationships have their ups and downs and they all take work. No one is perfect, not even you. So stop holding your partner up to a standard that even you can’t meet. Those with long-term relationships learned to communicate with respect early on. Not with hurtful words of revenge. Change your tune and ring the bell of peace. You can resolve the problem, but only if you agree to work at putting respect back into the conversation.

Additional Insight:

Life is full of varying types of relationships and each one requires mutual respect to survive. Business partners, co-workers and even simple acquaintances require a measure of esteem to be productive. But those closest to you deserve your respectful consideration more than any other.

Many have tried to put words around what “Love” is or what it means. It’s compassion, its caring, it’s being there, it’s trust. All of that is true, but none of that means anything if it shares space with disdain. There’s only one word that describes a successful relationship, Respect. 

Respect doesn’t wander. It doesn’t criticize or put down someone to friends or other family. It doesn’t disregard opinions, thoughts or dreams. it doesn’t walk away when one is in need of comfort. It doesn’t create a lack of confidence or re-enforce feelings of negative self-worth. And respect doesn’t judge or laugh at another in any way or from any subject or source.

Respect creates trust. It opens the door to the inner soul and allows others to bear their intimate secrets. It creates strength in partnerships because nothing is hidden. Nothing can be taken for granted and nothing outside the relationship can be manipulated by others. It builds a bond that cannot be undone, because all things are on the table and shared equally. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Death

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell - Death

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell

Stop looking back, unless you’re trying to decide what else to cut out of your life. Dwelling on the past hurts only keeps you and in their grip of pain. It negates all that you have learned, changed and improved. It takes you back to the beginning and forces you to relive all the agony and anger. Stop giving control to those past events that are causing you to be jaded. You say you’ve let them go, so do it. Release their energy from altering your perspectives and open up to a brand new, happier and brighter future.  

Additional Insight:

Yes there are stages of letting go, but take a look at how long you’ve been throwing daggers at the past. All those “cute” social media shares you’ve been doing, are keeping your energy, mind and heart rood deeply to those events you should have let go of by now. Stop replaying the record of anger and judgement. You’re only doing more harm to yourself than the one you’re trying to get back at.

Revenge to “get back” at someone is a wasted endeavor. The one who hurt you isn’t going to “get the message”. They’re not going to read your tweet, or see your post and come crawling to you for forgiveness. They’re not going to say I’m sorry and tell you they were wrong or you were right. All they’re going to do is look at the whole of your messages and say “boy am I glad I got away from that nut case”. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Six of Wands

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell - 6 of Wands

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell

Plug in and re-energize your mind, body and spirit. You’ve been riding hard and it has taken its toll. Look for those who will help energize your travels, empower your journey and share in the inspiration of ideas. Be uplifted by willingness to help and sharing their ideas. You may discover each of you have some common talents that help each other along the way. Combine that knowledge and experience to make a creative and successful adventure that will more abundant for everyone.

Additional Insight:

Even those who think they deserve to be on the High Horse can learn a thing or two from those who haven’t reached their stature yet. Don’t get so “high and mighty” into thinking you don’t have a thing or two left to learn.

The person who believes they know it all,
really knows little to nothing.

~ Springwolf  🐾 © 1994

Open your travels to those around you and walk together on the parallel path. You don’t have to lead the way, nor do you have to follow. The best partnerships are those that walk side by side and share in the knowledge and experiences from all sides.

You have something to learn today and you also have something to be shared. Do it with compassion and a welcoming sense of excitement. You’ll be able to have some fun, ease the burdens and even feel uplifted from the anticipation of what’s around the next turn.  Continue reading

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ace of Pentacles

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell - Ace of Pentacles

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell

In your center being resides the true you. Express yourself from this place of balance and you’ll shine brightly for others to take notice. Stop putting on a plastic face to be what others expect you to be. You are the only person who can be you. Be it with courage, pride and confidence. Let the real you stand in the lime light and you’ll attract the abundance you seek.

Additional Insight:

Pentacles represent the essence of Finances & Debt, Possessions & Trappings, Business & Self  Interests.

It is in your best self-interest to be yourself instead of trying to be what others expect you to be. Trying to keep up appearances is both time-consuming and fraught with hidden dangers. From using all your energy to be something you’re not, to keeping up with the untruths you share to hide the real you.

You’re not a machine with switches that can be turned on and off. You’re not a metal robot without warmth or feeling. At some point you’re going to slip up and that’s going to cost you more than you know or realize. All those trappings to please others, or be what they want, will be lost. And you may discover those “things” aren’t what you wanted in the first place. The deception cannot last when they’re not based on the truth you hold within your being. Even if you’re only deceiving yourself.
Continue reading