Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: King of Pentacles – Inverted


Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Relax and stop being so skeptical! All you’re doing is generating unnecessary anxiety. And if you continue those thought patterns, you could undermine all you’ve been working so hard to accomplish. Be content today and allow the abundance you’ve been working to work its magik around you. Right now the fruits of your labor are forming in spirit and it won’t be long until you can collect your crop from the vines of manifestation.

Additional Insight:

Pentacles represent the essence of Finances & Debt, Possessions & Trappings, Business & Self  Interests. – A Perspective On Tarot

The more you worry, the more you set up a self-fulfilling prophecy. You know you’ve worked hard to turn things around. You may not see the opportunities that slowly forming on your path forward. But that doesn’t mean they’re not there. It simply means you’re letting fear control your vision. So stop it.

Continue the work you’ve been doing for positive gain. Be content with your efforts, they are having an effect. If you can’t change your mind on a conscious level, then perhaps it’s time to sit down for a little spiritual inspiration. Meditate, pray, go to a local church and light a candle if you must. But do something to take your thoughts to a higher level of peace and serenity.

We’ve never dissected the message from the image of the daily drawing before, but let’s do some of that today. The King is surrounded in various shades of purple. In my Color Correspondence System, Purples relate to spiritual understanding, a higher consciousness and Divine perspectives. Not only is the king covered in this energy, but the fruit of his labor is also in spiritual development and growth. The energy of the day surrounds the card in peace, patience, and serenity, his hands are folded in his lap and the expression on his face isn’t anger, or being on guard. It’s one of contentment as if you’ve been waiting for a long time.

Now look at the crown. Thoughts of finances are prominent (pentacles in the form of monetary coins). And these thoughts are surrounded by shades of green. Back to the color chart, “Healing is needed or is in progress”. It’s not a bright green that indicates a temporary issue that needs healing. Nor is it an intense emerald-green that requires a long-term healing process. In this case the green is sort of a dull olive-green which “indicates a longer situation or more clouded pattern of healing. How we think creates how we feel. If we don’t change/heal the thought pattern, the ailment or issue may not heal easily either.”

As I look at the card and interpret the symbology of what I say at this moment, on this day, at this time, I see this green being prominent at the top of the head, where our inner thoughts are. If we don’t change our thoughts, we will prolong the healing that is needed both on a manifested physical level and from a spiritual subconsciousness that creates the energy around us.

The purple fruit is up above our thoughts reminding us that As Above, So Below energy is in play. How we think creates the world around us and how we feel. Many of us have been working this conflict of interest type energy. We have put a lot of time and effort into changing our thoughts, working with the Divine in our lives and putting out the prayers or magik for allowing our dreams to manifest. The bigger the dream, the more effort has been needed on both the Spiritual and Physical sides of our existence.

Many of you have written to me about feeling movement and that change is about to occur, or it has occurred and slowly manifesting in your life. Now that we’re all close to actually seeing things begin to change, we’ve become impatient. That lack of patience generates fear, anxiety and doubt. Are we imagining the change because we want it to hurry up and happen? Or is it really manifesting? That’s where the contentment comes in loud and clear through this card and its imagery.

Don’t give up on your work just yet! Don’t allow your trepidation generate the worst case scenario in your head. What you fear the most is so far removed, that the only way you can fail, is if you make it happen and create the self-fulfilling prophecy of doom.

Let that go. Take in a few deep breaths and allow yourself to relax and trust in your higher Divine Consciousness and your connect to the Divine force within your own life. Align your energy and trust in your work, efforts and the force of energy within Divine Creation. Give your efforts time to ripen and you’ll be able to harvest the sweetest fruit of all from your garden. It’s going to be ok!

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I am at peace and live in the moment with all the prosperity and abundance I require!

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Swords – Inverted

Knight Of Swords - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You don’t always have to be at war with the world. Being strong and resilient doesn’t mean getting into a fight every time you don’t agree with someone, or they don’t agree with you. Everyone has a right to their own view. If you want respect from others for the concepts you hold dear, then you must also provide them with that same respect. If you don’t question or challenge your own views, how are you going to be sure they’re the right perspectives for your path ahead? Allow yourself to feel safe, secure and in tune with your own ideals. After all if they can’t stand up to your scrutiny, how are they going to stand up to someone else’s?

Additional Insight:

If you feel you must always defend your beliefs, views or perspectives, then problem may not be with those who challenge you. Rather it may be an issue within yourself concerning something that doesn’t really feel right in you.

If we don’t hold our own views up to review once in a while, we limit our chances and abilities to expand our knowledge and apply our new learning to our old ideas. They’re either going to hold up to the scrutiny, or they need to be updated and refined. Forcing them to stay the same, clips the wings of the Crow magik you have within you. It’s never easy to change, but change is the only constant in the Universe. And it’s the one constant we need to keep moving forward.
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Join Paul Cagle and his co-hosts Sushi and Springwolf as we share our research, knowledge, insight and humor of the spiritual and paranormal.

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knave of Cups

Knave Of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Allow the little child within to enjoy the day and find excitement in the little things that come your way. Enjoy the fun and excitement in today’s adventures and you’ll create a relaxing day filled with wonderment. Smile and the world smiles with you. Help someone who’s having a bad day, get a little lift from your good mood. Success and compassion fill the weekend and go along way to healing what’s been going backwards in your life.

Additional Insight:

You can choose to be annoyed and set upon a short fuse; or you can be the light that brings the rest of the world out of the doom and gloom. The knave is childhood innocence, looking for the next fun moment and exciting event. Let the child within come out to play today and you’ll not only bring about glad tidings in your own day and weekend; but you’ll help someone else lift up their spirits too.

What we express to the world around us, is exactly what we get back. We attract and create more of the same energy we express to the world around us. You create what you think and that creates how you feel, which creates how you interact with others.

If you’re anxious, you’ll make others anxious. If you’re stressed and filled with anxiety, or frustration and anger; than that’s exactly what you’ll pull toward you from others. Continue reading

Be Like Water My Friend

Go With The Flow

Go With The Flow

Go With The Flow

I’ve always loved the idea of flowing with nature. Be it gliding on a breeze, riding the wind, flowing with the water; all those inspirational phrases remind us that when we fight against nature, we’re making things harder on ourselves.

When we can let go of what we’ve already been through, we can stop fighting against the tide and flow with it instead. Like all things in life, we can sometimes simply lay back and float with a calm serenity that gives us time to look around and appreciate the world around us. But sometimes we must get out a paddle and guide our travel through the rocks and avoid the waterfalls that try to cause havoc and set us back to start over again.

Karate Master Bruce Lee has many wonderful insights for moving with the flow, being inspired and living your life to fulfill you spirit within.

Lee was of Chinese decent, but he was born in Chinatown, San Francisco on 27 November 1940. His parents migrated to the U.S. from Hong Kong. But he was raised in Kowloon, an urban area in Hong Kong with his family until his late teens. Though his parents were from Hong Kong, by being born here in the U.S. Bruce Lee carried a dual citizenship. He was born American, even though his parents were not citizens.  You can read about his history, up bringing and training at Wikipedia: Bruce Lee. Continue reading

A Look At 777

Number Seven / 7 by Springwolf 🐾 © The Inspiration of Numbers

Well now that we’ve corrected the big mistake we made on the numerology section, of the blog (A Correction – In Full Disclosure), I’m going to jump right in and share some numerological insight for something I discovered today, and that I found kind of interesting and intriguing.

If you’ve seen my number insights before you know that Mathematics is the only language shared by all humans regardless of culture, religion, or gender. Numerology is the study of the divine or mystical relationship between a count or measurement and life. It has many systems and traditions and beliefs. My practice of numerology is Shamanistic Numerology that’s based on Celtic and North American Shamanistic teachings. It’s not the only method, the best method or the true method. It’s simply one of many methods and one that resonates most with me and my personal perspectives of the Divine and the world we live in.

From a Shamanistic Numerology standpoint, today’s number is a Sub-Prime number and as a numerical number it represents the spiritual aspect of this event. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Three of Wands


Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Share the burden, you don’t have to do everything alone. Asking for help is not a weakness, it’s a strength that allows you to achieve success together. Together you can read more, research more, do more and complete more. You move the projects and activities forward with more achievement and more success.

Additional Insight:

You can struggle and waste time, slowing down the process of getting things done and risking the loss of opportunities that are coming your way.

Or, you can swallow your pride and ask for help in order to achieve your goals and put your thoughts and plans into action. You can be ready when opportunities arise. You can get more done by delegating and letting go of that task, so you can focus on a bigger item that does need your sole attention.

Micro-managing is another way of saying you have no faith or trust in those around you. It means you don’t think anyone else can accomplish what needs to be done, except you. Micro-managing is a concept of ego and arrogance. It’s not the action of a good manager.

Those around you may do things a little differently than you would, but that doesn’t make their way wrong or ineffective. Trust those who can and are willing to help you out. You put them in the position to be part of your world, or part of your team. So give them the respect to do the job, to do it well and to get it done. Continue reading