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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

The wheel spins in your favor this weekend. But watch out for those weeds of doubt. They can easily interfere with your movement forward. Be careful that you don’t play the role of victim and attempt to justify your emotions or actions from a hurtful perspective. Stay in control, don’t allow others to push your buttons, look at situations from the view of spirit and what they are trying to teach you. If you can keep this view; your wheel will continue to spin freely.

Additional Insight:

Playing the victim doesn’t serve any purpose except to manipulate the emotions of others. It’s a poor attempt to be the center of attention and create drama where there isn’t really any purpose or cause. If you want to attract positive energies, you must change your ways and stop acting as if you’re weak, manipulated or unjustly put upon. Stop allowing your fears of doubt impact your actions and create a negative shield around you.

You are strong, capable and in control of your own journey. Take charge and allow your wheel of fortune to spin freely and manifest the positive energies and hard work you’ve put forth. Clear your energies, from within and around your home/work/car. Set positive shields that will help you see situations clearly, with confidence and security. You are in control of your destiny! Shouldn’t you be the one deciding which direction it will lead you?

Course you may want to buy a lottery ticket this weekend too. =D

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Sunday’s Homily: Emotional Manipulation

Sometimes people will go out of their way to bait you into an argument simply so they can feel superior. Don’t allow them to manipulate your emotions and control your reactions. ~ Springwolf

Passive Aggression

Control Your EmotionsBeing passive aggressive is a method of showing aggression in an indirect manner. Such as making negative comments in a general manner that is not specifically directed at someone, but is intended to put down or denounce what a specific person said. In other words, it a cowardly way of insulting someone and baiting them into an argument without doing so face to face.

This happened to me recently. In responding to a question on an IMM Ministers forum, I made mention of living in balance by implementing your spiritual beliefs upon your physical path. Walking Your Talk© so to speak. It’s not enough to believe you are spiritual if you don’t apply those beliefs in your every day life and respond to others accordingly. Another member responded to the same question and for some reason felt the need to say “it has nothing to do with balance” and continued to make his point which seemingly had nothing to do with what I had said.

So why add that statement to his response? Why put in a comment that was seemingly directed at my reply, since I was the only one who had, up to that moment, made a comment about balance? To me it had the purpose to bait me into a confrontation or to denounce my view because he doesn’t agree with anything I say on this forum. Being one of the very few, if not the only pagan minister on this forum, there are a few members who consistently attack my comments and perspectives. Not that this is unusual or uncommon in general. If you’re going to put your Pagan hat on and wear it in public, you’re going to get negative comments from time to time. I’m used to this. But it is disheartening to know that this kind of immediate bigotry toward  pagan perspectives can occur on a forum that’s designed for spiritual ministers and specifically fellow ministers in the same organization. To me, it’s a bit hypocritical. Continue reading