Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: King of Wands

King of Wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You hold the magik in your hands to create what you need moving forward. Don’t be controlled by others who want to sucker you into a position that benefits them and not you. Take time to listen intently and consider the source of delivering the message. Someone is trying to manipulate you through fear and misinformation. They’re going to push your buttons to get you angry to do what they want. Keep calm. Don’t let them manipulate you, and make sure you research their claims before you act on the fear-mongering. Create a firm shield of protection to keep out the negative and hold onto the gains you made yesterday!

Additional Insight:

A lot of people are trying to get you to do things that are good for them, but not necessarily benefit you. They’re using every tactic in the book from fear and distraction, to out right lies. Before you make any decisions today, research what you’re being told. It doesn’t take much to Google a topic and discover some reliable sources.

Be the King of your domain today and make your judgements based on facts; not exaggerated emotions. Reliable sources aren’t hard to find. And it’s better to take a little time up front to research, than to allow your emotions to sky rocket and then discover later, there was no need to get all worked up. News organizations can slant a story from left to right, so be wary of their opinions and suppositions. But good reporting will give you the facts and help you discover if the story you’re being told really happened or not, and in the way it’s being told.

If the issue is on a more personal level, read the fine print. Don’t be pressured. This is one case where you must take control of your own decisions. If someone keeps talking while you’re going over a contract of any kind, tell them you’ll be right back. Take the document outside away from everyone and read it…fully! No matter what it is; an employment agreement, a business contract, anything that deals with your life; make sure you take time to read it all!

You are accountable for your actions and choices in life. If you agree to something and find out later that you agreed to something you shouldn’t have, there’s no one to blame but yourself. So don’t let your lack of confidence put too much faith in someone who wants you to think they’re smarter than you and you should simply trust their counsel. Blind faith is never a good thing and never benefits you.

Trust is earned, not given without cause or merit. Let your triumph from yesterday sustain you and empower your actions from here on out. You are more than capable of leading your own life and making your own decisions. You’re smart enough to read anything and make your own choices that are right for you. Keep your emotions in check. Stay in a place of peace and calm. You’ll end the day in triumph once again. Attaining what you need and working toward what you want.

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