2012 Appearances

Come Hear Springwolf!Spring’s Next Event – For 2012


The Ænigma Project:

Spring appears every Monday night, 9pm eastern on The Ænigma Project – on the Tenacity Radio Network.

You can listen online and join the chat room to share your perspective or ask questions for the panel. Or you can check out the many ways you can listen on the go, at home, at work or in your car. If you don’t want to drop by the chat room, you can listen live to the Ænigma Project on TuneIn.com-Tenacity-Radio.

In your car or on the go, find your radio app that allows you to stream the show and search for Tenacity Radio, then save it as a favorite. We always have a lot of fun! Come on and join us!


08/26/2012 – Isis Paranormal Radio

I will be appearing on the Isis Paranormal Radio Show with Hosts Dayna Winters and Patricia Gardner. We will be discussing my book Pagan Metaphysics 101. Click here to tune in or listen to the show archive.


07/26/2012 – DQ Miracle Treat Day – Thornburg, Va.

Spring will be appearing at Dairy Queen to support Miracle Treat Day to support Children’s Hospital. Come out with the family, buy a Blizzard and lend your support to a great cause! Learn More.


06/25/2012 – SEPS Paranormal Interview

I was thrilled to spend some time with Paul Cagle for his SEPS Paranormal PodCast. You can listen on-line or on iTunes! Interview with Springwolf Author of Pagan Metaphysics 101.


04/30/2012 – The Ænigma Project, April 16th – Monday 9 PM EST on the Tenacity Radio Network, Hosted by Paul Cagle.

Religion and the Paranormal Investigation

In an exercise of right time, right place I was fortunate to be a surprise fill-in guest on The Ænigma Project this past Monday.

It was a lively discussion about Paranormal Investigations, hauntings, ghosts and spirits. The Pros/Cons and what if’s of bringing Religion into someone’s home for an investigation, clearing and/or cleansing. It was a great dynamic discussion that covered a variety of facets about religion, spirituality, psychic senses and more. Don’t miss out on the archive of the show on The Ænigma Project’s blog.


04/16/2012 – The Ænigma Project, April 16th – Monday 9 PM EST on the Tenacity Radio Network, Hosted by Paul Cagle.

Dreams and Dreaming

Dreams and dreaming remain a mystery to many of us. What significance does dreamscape imagery hold for our everyday lives? Can deceased loved ones communicate with us through the medium of our dreaming mind? How does someone learn to control their dreams and sculpt the very essence of the world around them? These are a few of the topics that we will be discussing on the Ænigma Project, Monday April 16th. Join us and our special co-host Spring Wolf live as we discuss the many faceted aspects of our Dreams and Dreamscapes. Mondays 9 PM EST only on the Tenacity Radio Network. Click here to Listen Live!

If you missed Springwolf on the AEnigma Project Monday night. You can listen on the show’s broadcast Archives on Tenacity Radio – 2012-04-16-Dreams and Dreaming


03/26/2012 – Soul In The City – Monday’s Life Class for UoM & UoS Students

Writing Your Thesis or Dissertation

Soul in the City is an interactive program on various issues that empower others to live abundant and vibrant lives. Join host Rev. Linda Muhammad for her Monday Life Class for students of the University of Sedona and the University of Metaphysics. She speaks with Spring on preparing your thesis and dissertation. Listen Live on BlogTalkRadio.

If you missed my visit with Rev. Linda Muhammad on her Life Class show you can still listen to the archived broadcast of the show. We covered writing your Thesis and Dissertation for students of the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona. Along with, what do you do with your degree once you have it? Listen to Monday’s Life Class 03/26 Show archive.


03/19/2012 – Springwolf will be appearing on The Ænigma Project – March 19, 2012


Spring will be appearing tomorrow night (3/19) on Tenacity Radio’s The Ænigma Project. A round table conversation on the paranormal, close encounters with the unusual and interactions with the supernatural. Hosted by Paul Cagle, with Robert J. Bradbury, S.E. Burns and Sushi. Join us Monday night at 9PM EST as we discuss Numerology. Click here to Listen Live!

If you missed Springwolf on the AEnigma Project Monday night. You can listen on the show’s broadcast Archives on Tenacity Radio – 2012-03-19-Numerology


01/11/2012 – Springwolf will be appearing on ‘Got Paranormal’

Metaphysical Concepts from a Pagan Perspective

Spring will be appearing on Got Paranormal? on Tenacity Radio; Wed. Jan 11th, 2012 at 9:00pm EST. Got Paranormal? is hosted by S.E. Burns where she talks with her panel for an hour of paranormal conversation. Join her next Wednesday as she talks with Springwolf to discuss Metaphysical concepts from a Pagan perspective and Spring’s new book “Pagan Metaphysics 101”.

If you missed my interview last night with S.E. Burns on ‘Got Paranormal’ you missed a great conversation. The panel discussed Anatomy of the Soul, how the soul is connected to the physical body, reincarnation, karma, dream interpretation and more. I had a great time and thanks to S.E., Robby and Prof. Earl Schandelmeirer for a great discussion and all round good time! You can still listen to the show on the ‘Got Paranormal‘ archives.


11/07/2011 – Springwolf will be appearing on ‘The Gut And Bone Show’

Pagan Metaphysics 101: The Beginning of Enlightenment

Spring will be appearing on The Gut And Bone Show. An Internet Radio Talk Show on TenacityRadio.com. Tune in on Monday November 7th at 7 PM Eastern. If you missed the live show, you can still listen @ The Gut and Bone Show Archive.


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