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Paganism vs Satanism – Learning About Tolerance

Tolerance And Unconditional Love

Wise Old WolfI have always contended that the more we learn about each other, the more we build tolerance and peace within the world. I was invited to a round table discussion on The Ænigma Project to discuss Satanism. When I shared that appearance with friends and colleagues they were turned off. A few immediately said “Why are you talking about such a dark subject?” or “I avoid that scary stuff”. This from people who claim that their purpose in life is to practice and teach “unconditional love”. Well I don’t believe in unconditional love, but interestingly enough I seem to be the one practicing it, along with the other members of the show’s panel and those who did tuned in.

I can appreciate the “ickiness” perspective from the general public. But from colleagues, I must say I was highly disappointed. Being open minded and practicing what you preach is a necessity to any spiritual leader, teacher or minister/priest/priestess. If you can’t walk your talk, who are you serving? Continue reading

Sitting In On The Ænigma Project – 05/07 Monday at 9pm Eastern – Listen Live!

05/07 The  Ænigma Project –  Monday Nights at 9pm Eastern

I’ll be sitting in for co-host S.E. Burns on Tenacity Radio for “The  Ænigma Project”. The guest will be horror author Ray Garton.

Mr. Garton has written more than 35 horror books, his latest “Meds” is available in paper back or digital on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and at Fictionwise.com.

Join us for some interesting conversation about horror and Mr. Garton’s take on “Satanism”. You can join the live chat room or just listen Live @ tenacityradio.com/listen

Sadly Ray will not be on the show. His illness that cancelled his appearance a few weeks ago continues and he has suffered a set back. The show will go on however on the topic of Satanism with unexpected guest Springwolf!

If you miss the show, you can listen on the Tenacity Radio Archives for the The Ænigma Project (2012-05-07-Satanism), or the The Ænigma Project blog and iTunes.

And check out our post-show round upPaganism vs Satanism – Learning About Tolerance

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