Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ten of Wands

10 of Wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Keep your mouth shut today. Your words will not be taken the way you intended and it could get you in trouble. Even if you have something to say that rights a wrong or exposes an injustice, this is not the day to speak up. Lay low and you’ll avoid conflict. There will be time later in the week to speak up, in the right time and place. And more importantly to the right person.

Additional Insight:

If you speak up too soon you could get your facts wrong or tell the wrong person. Hold off and make sure you know who the players are and what’s really going on. There’s magik afoot in today’s activities, but you must be patient and let it play out a little longer.

Some around you are not in a good mood. Trying to be the life of the party and share a joke or make light of a situation isn’t going to get the reaction you want or expected. So it’s best to simply hide away for the day and focus on your own list of things to do and get a lot done.

Those who must be out on the stage, do your best to stick to the script. Don’t go off topic or try to be entertaining to everyone in the crowd. You can’t please everyone and today, you may not even please a few. Know your audience and play the conservative card. You’ll be seen as professional, knowledgeable and even a good speaker.

Those who must communicate on the phone or to clients about projects, keep to the details and stick to the topic of conversation. Don’t chit-chat about silly things or the current gossip on the community. Folks have things to do today and they’ll feel as though you’re keeping them from getting their work done. You could develop the reputation of “talking someone’s ear off” and your calls may go unanswered or avoided in the future.

All these situations deal with communication which is in full turmoil right now. Mercury moved into its retrograde phase last Thursday which governs all forms of conversation and dialog. This pattern will continue until May 22nd so be cautious of all your correspondence, either in person, digitally, memos and emails and so on. Don’t be in a rush to sign documents. Don’t get pressured into making decisions or promises. And don’t make light of serious issues. It’s a good day to avoid talking to anyone unless absolutely necessary as miscommunication in all forms can be easily perceived.

Keep news to yourself, don’t share secrets and limit your contact. When you do have to participate in the conversation, stick to business and only provide information that’s totally necessary and can be backed up with facts and evidence. You’ll get through the day in one piece by exercising some restraint. By the week’s end, the mood around you will lighten up and you can get back to your talkative self.

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