Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Moon

The Moon

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t be afraid to sing your own song. You don’t have to be like everyone else to fit in. If someone isn’t accepting you the way you are, then perhaps you don’t need them in your life. Always remember, respect is a two-way street.

Additional Insight:

Others don’t have to agree with you, anymore than you must agree with them. But you don’t need to belittle their views and you shouldn’t put up with them putting you down. Hold yourself in higher esteem by showing respect for what they think and believe, even if you don’t agree with it. You’ll get that respect back.

But if you don’t then maybe it’s time to walk away. You choose who you allow into your life. Don’t keep the negative people or their energies around you. You’re growing and moving forward. If they refuse to walk forward on their own path, don’t feel you must stay stagnate with them. If they disrespect you by calling you names, putting you down, or dismissing your views, then let them go and move away from that negativity. 

Yes it can be hard to leave those we care about behind. But you can’t learn lessons for them. You can’t make them change any more than they can force you to change. In the end, that kind of manipulation fails and creates discord and unhappiness. It generates hate and pulls in more negativity. Let it go and allow the doors to more positive energies welcome you in.

Give yourself a chance to end the cycle and pattern of struggle and unhappiness. Before you can find like-minded people who will care about you and love you for who and what you are, you must find a way to love yourself. Be proud of who you are and hold yourself up with the utmost respect. If you don’t feel that way about yourself, how are others going to feel that way toward you? Love yourself. You’re worth it. And you deserve it. Discover your own happiness and others will want to be part of that happiness with you.

Additional Reading
How you look at the world around you sets up your day, month, year and even your life. If you want to implement change, the best way to get started is through Meditation, Energy and Action.

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