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Tarot Meditation Message for 2014

Major Arcana JudgementHappy New Year!

Many of you have asked for a Tarot meditation message for the year. Considering the number of emails I received I decided to comply. Now to be honest, I’ve never pulled a card for a full years message before. So this is a first. I hope it inspires you to stretch your boundaries and push your abilities beyond your comfort zone as it has mine!

2014’s Tarot Meditation Message: Judgement
The overall theme for the year:
Judgement is a card from the Major Arcana of a Tarot Deck. As such it represents the spiritual aspects of the self and how important your spiritual lessons, karma and perspectives will be throughout the year.

Living in balance between the physical and spiritual words that surround you are not only important, but doing so will help you maintain a focus of balanced judgement in what you see, hear and how you react to events in your life. Continue reading


Have A Spooktacular Day!!

Image from: Megan Granata

Image from: Megan Granata

Merry Samhain & Happy Halloween

Today is a day to let the child inside come out to play. Nothing wrong with having fun and letting yourself play a little.

Halloween has become a secular holiday for Trick or Treat and nothing else. It’s not a Pagan holiday and it’s no longer a Christian holiday. So let the children play and have some unencumbered fun!

Once the children have had their fill at play, you can focus on the spiritual aspects of the day. For Pagans that means honoring Samhain.

Whither you use the Gaelic pronunciation “Sow-en”, “Sow-ween”, Sah-ween” or the Americanized version “Sam-hain” (yes that is an acceptable pronunciation), it’s still the biggest holiday on the Pagan Calendar. We honor the Celtic New Year with ritual and reverence to honor the spirits of the past and the doorway that has been opened for this one night to communicate with those we’ve lost.

From everyone here at Spring’s Haven, we wish you a very Happy Halloween, a Merry Samhain and a Happy New Year!

You can learn more about The History Of Samhain And Evolution of Halloween here on Springwolf Reflections 🐾.

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