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Did You Recently Send Me An Email?

email-lostResponses Failed In Delivery

Today I was able to concentrate on my inbox and get through all my email correspondence. I love getting email from people around the world. I receive some very interesting questions, along with people asking for clarifications, sharing their experiences and asking for some insight.

It really is fun reading your stories and I’m truly honored that some of you feel safe in sharing personal items with me. I do everything I can to answer and address each and every piece of correspondence I receive. You took the time to write to me and I feel it’s my ethical duty to give you the time and consideration to send a response.

However …..
It’s really frustrating when I take the time to send a lengthy response only to have the email returned as undeliverable. If you have sent me an email, but haven’t received a response, chances are it didn’t come back because there was an issue with your email address.

Today I had 6 email failures and a couple of these were second responses to previous emails. I know those emails used to work, but they don’t exist now.

So if you didn’t get a response, let me know what your question was, make sure your email address is correct so I can respond and I’ll copy/paste the response I tried to send today. Just email me again and let me know you didn’t get an answer.

I really do want to answer your email, but I can’t intuitively decipher your email address. I’m good, but I’m not that good.  😉

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Tuesday Tea Time at Two

Afternoon Tea Parties a lovely book by Susannah Blake

Afternoon Tea Parties
a lovely book by Susannah Blake

Making Plans

Today I came across a beautiful quote:
“A goal without a plan is just a wish”. Antoine de Saint-Exupery French writer.

How many Tarot drawings have we pulled in the past few years that emphasize making a plan for your dreams? As much as resisted joining Pinterest it has become a big part of my week. I don’t know how others like using it, but one thing I’ve discovered it allows me to do is plan!

When I was a kid my grandmother told me about a book she kept with clippings from magazines. Things she’d like to have, places she’d like to go and so on. She didn’t have that book anymore and didn’t remember where she lost it. But it seemed sad that she no longer had it to look at.

She inspired me to create my own book of dreams and I’ve made several of them over the years. Today they’re packed somewhere in some box some place here in the house or attic. When I started using Pinterest, I realized it’s a digital dream book. A place to gather ideas and make plans.

Sometime in the future when I can get the center into a physical space again, I plan on having various types of gatherings. Some formal, some educational and some simply for fun.

One of those fun ideas is Tuesday Tea Time at Two. A simple gathering for conversation and elegance. High Tea where we can dress up and feel pretty. Low Tea for those days when we want to relax. So here in this board on Pinterest are my inspirations… Tea, Coffee & Cakes

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Standing Up For Your Work

Springwolf Reflections Logo

Springwolf Reflections

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Sometimes authors, artists or anyone who creates intellectual property may need to submit a request to an individual or individuals who have taken their material without permission. The first thing to know is that your intellectual property is protected through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Unfortunately this week I’ve had the need (twice actually) to submit a cease and desist order to someone who copied material from my blog without permission and seemed to have claim it as their own work. Never a good thing. And sadly I think it’s some what worse for spiritual material. There is karma involved here after all.

After doing a little research and talking to my legal adviser I thought perhaps others could use this information as well. I’ve shared some information, resource links and the general process here on a new page About The Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

I hope you never need it, but I hope if you do, this information helps.

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A Prayer To The GreatSpirits for Divination

Before I pull a card, I have a little prayer I like to say asking the GreatSpirits for help. This is important for any Tarot Reader, whither you’re giving someone a reading, or pulling a card for yourself. As you say your prayer, you should visualize yourself in a clear white light, being protected by the Divine force in your life. You want to set a shield of protection and call in your guides, “God/Goddess” or whatever you feel connected to, for their help and assistance to divine the best and highest message possible.

Earth by Bill Frymier

Earth by Bill Frymier


GreatSpirits, creators of all that is,
Please bring to me the greatest force,
or forces possiblein this time and space,
to divine the highest message and most positive message
for this reading before me.
I send my thanks and deepest gratitude
for your love and guidance.
So it is.



I call on the GreatSpirits because this fits with my view of what the Divine is. You can certainly change that label to fit your view. Don’t be locked in to my words. Use your own and trust your own instincts.

I thought I’d share one of my prayers today, for those who may wish to use it, or who can use it as inspiration to create their own prayer for divination.


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Happy Valentine’s Day

In Love With My Valentine

You are the principle of my moment, without you I can’t decide what goes next.
You are the medium of the plan, without you the plan is just breath in the wind.
Like the song says, there ain’t nothing ’bout you that don’t do something for me.

Evil Wordsmith ©
© 2/14/2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing Everyone A Wonderful and Loving
Valentines Day!

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Wish Upon A Star

Thank our lucky stars, one fell to earth just for you!

Wish Upon A Star - Cancer Survivors

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Our 1st Anniversary Celebration!!

The Wolf WithinSpringwolf Reflections Turns One

It’s hard to believe that a full year has passed by already. I’ve been thrilled with the warm welcome the blog has received. The kind comments and wonderful feedback have also been overwhelming and amazing. I’m always surprised when others find my ramblings helpful or inspirational. So I want to say thank you to everyone who comes by and sits for a spell to peruse my articles and ramblings!

When I started the blog, the old site “springwolf.net” only had 130 some visitors. A marketing guru convinced me that an author’s website needs to be interactive, with daily notes and updates. It took a short week, and maybe a few days, to get Reflections up and running. But the year has shown that our marketing expert was right.

February 1st 2012 was our official 1st day for the blog. On our anniversary (February 1st, 2013) and 467 posts later; we have been graced by 30,488 visitors total. That’s over 2,500+ visitors each month; 650+ each week. And we’re still going strong! Sometimes those numbers can be a little overwhelming!

I’d like to make note and say a special thank you to our first Reflections follower; Katrina who has her own blog that is definitely worth checking out: Freedom to a Full Life. And Detre at Face It Creative Coaching, who was the first person to leave us a comment on one of our early posts. Thank you Katrina and Detre for being with us from the very beginning! Continue reading

Holiday eMails Lost

email2The Affects Of Computer Crashes

You may have read my posts of frustration about my computer crash in November. One of the issues with that crash was the loss of emails that I had already downloaded from our servers. I thought I had back ups, but evidently I didn’t. Which means I lost emails. Additionally, I wasn’t able to access my mail while my computer was down. So I have a stack of mail to get through now.

I will be answering mail between now and Monday. If you sent me something and don’t get a reply, it probably means I lost your message. I apologize. I hope you can resend your message and provide me the opportunity to respond. You all are very important to me and I don’t want you to feel ignored or slighted.

This issue affected both mail that was sent to Spring’s Haven and Pagan’s Path. You can visit both sites to send us mail, just look for our Contact page.

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