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springshaven2Through our company Spring’s Haven, we offer many spiritual, ministerial and healing services. Click the headings below to visit the services information/contact page and schedule an appointment, reading or to contact us about one of our services.

Spiritual Services:
We offer Divination and Healing services both online and in-house. Our services include spiritual consultations for study, research and life events. Personal, couple and family spiritual counseling sessions are also available. We provide various forms of psychic readings, Reiki and energy healing sessions. And of course our popular Phone or Skype consultations for all our services.  As a ministerial organization all our consultations are kept private and are strictly confidential.

Ministerial Services:
We are licensed in the commonwealth of Virginia to provide a variety of ministerial services, such as blessings, coming of age ceremonies, weddings, funerals, house blessings and other life changing events. We have provided these services in our neighboring states, North Carolina, Tennessee and the District of Columbia. Given enough notice we can often register with any state’s County Clerk’s Office for wedding ceremonies.

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