Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Emperor – Inverted


The Emperor - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t be afraid to spread your wings and hold onto the handle of your prize. You have the strength, knowledge and ability to lift way more than you think. No one can hold onto what you’ve earned and keep you from taking it or using it. Justice is on your side today. So don’t be sheepish when asking for your due. Be polite, but be confident and firm. Could be someone simply forgot about your agreement and they’ll appreciate the reminder.

Additional Insight:

Others may try to undermine your confidence today, but don’t let them. You’ve achieved a great goal and you’ve worked too hard to have someone else deflate your balloon. Their negative talk is based on their own internal fears and anxieties. So let them carry that burden while you spread your wings and fly.

You don’t have to be angry or upset with them. You can try to understand where they’re coming from. Perhaps they’re afraid of you leaving, while they stay behind and watch you fly off never to return. Perhaps they’re scared of you taking their place, because you have achieved more than they have. Perhaps they simply forgot what they agreed to many moons ago and need a gentle reminder that you’re owed a prize.

Whatever their reason, don’t let it hold you down from soaring. You are much stronger than you’re giving yourself credit for. You know more than you realize and you simply need to start putting all that into practice so you can prove to yourself  that you really can do this. But it’s time to put action behind your thoughts.

Turn your back on the fears, even those you hold within yourself. All they’re going to do is take energy from where you really need to be focusing your attention and effort. You’ve learned the lessons and you’ve seen the mistakes you’ve made in the past. The key to moving forward is learning from those experiences and making different choices today and into the future. Don’t repeat the patterns, and you’ll not only turn things around and avoid the pitfalls. You’ll also gain the advantage to float on the thermals and lift your flight higher into the sky.

You’ve got this; you simply have to do it…now. Stop over thinking things and dreaming up new ideas or solutions to a problem that doesn’t even exist. Over thinking only delays your actions and by the time you do something, you could have missed the opportunity of a lifetime. So do it, today. Not tomorrow or next week. Now. Really you gotta do this, Now.

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